Thursday, November 17, 2016

His name is "PonyTail"

     Today I wan't to talk a little bit more about the main character of my next game "Samer Hills" and reveal some more information on the game. This is a character I created a while back and even posted a "making of" section here on the blog which you could find here: "Making of PonyTail"

     His name is Ponytail. Why? because he has a ponytail. (I am very good at naming my characters) 

The information that follows in the rest of this post are considered minor spoilers for my own game. But knowing me, I am terrible at keeping quiet about my work and just can't keep things secret. Also, I really enjoy sharing each step of the development process here on the blog.

      So anyway Ponytail is the main character in "Samer Hills" - a chubby, mustached pink wearing stylized comical character who sports a ponytail hair style. I have always enjoyed games that are closely connected with their characters and show how their characters evolve throughout the game as the player advances deeper into the story. This is what I want to achieve with "Samer Hills". The game itself will really be focused around this character. 

    A couple days ago I posted this picture on my twitter saying "brothers or same person?" And right now is the time where I begin to give away minor spoilers for the game. So the bearded man is actually the same character as the original pink wearing Ponytail character. As I was just saying, this game will focus on the main character and his evolution throughout. At the start of the game you are this worn down big bearded crazy looking guy who looks like he has had a pretty tough life. As you progress more and more you get see how he changes. 

     Eventually Ponytail looses the beard, gets a cleaner look and begins wearing this pink uniform (which will also be explained more in the game) The character himself is going to be a very strange and questionable character. If he is good, bad, crazy, sad, etc is really going to be left up to the player to decide. 

     This game is all about character building. I think that Ponytail is going to be a really unique complex character to play as and will make the game an interesting experience. I am working my best to deliver this experience as it will be the first time where I make a game that focuses on building who that character is instead of focusing on the game world and its enemies. Of course the game world and other characters will contribute to the main character as well. As always, it will turn out to be a really weird game but I am really excited to share it with everyone once its done and then maybe what I am saying now will make a little bit more sense once people have actually got to play it. 

More updates coming soon!