Monday, November 14, 2016

Punished Ponytail...

     So I posted this "box art" for my new upcoming game "Samer Hills" on my twitter about a day ago. Does it look familiar to anyone? This boxart shows "Punished Ponytail".... "Woooooahhh hooooooooo!!!! Wooaaaah hooooooo-oooooooo words that kill!!!"

     In case you haven't figured it out yet, clearly this is a reference to Metal Gear Solid V. I have stated this before on the blog many times, but I am a huge MGS fan and a huge fan of Hideo Kojima and his work. He is one of my favorite game designers of all time. 

     As you can see, I shamelessly copied used inspiration from the Metal Gear Solid V box art to make mine. I originally did this as a joke but then I really liked how my box art actually turned out. So there it is. A harmless parody box art of the original MGSV box. Hideo Kojima is actually a huge role model for me as a game designer and one of the reasons I am so into game development. I often use inspirations from his works in my own work and that can be seen in my projects. My previous game "Potato Thriller" was heavily inspired by his Silent Hills/PT demo. Actually, Potato Thriller was essentially a parody game of PT but at the same time didn't really have anything to do with PT and stood out as its own game if that makes any sense. 

     With all that said however, I would just like to clear a couple things up for "Samer Hills". Just because I made a parody box art of the MGSV box art does not mean that the game itself will be a parody of Metal Gear Solid V. Again, this box art was just done jokingly and for fun. "Samer Hills" will be nothing like MGSV and it will not be a parody game of MGSV. I am trying to create a very "Samer Khatib" original horror game experience. 

     This game is going to be very different than any other game I have ever made so far. This time I am extremely focused on the overall quality of the entire game. Every area such as graphics, mechanics, etc will be a huge step up for me. Polish is very important because I want to really deliver a good quality game and I am very excited to hopefully share the game with everyone soon in the future. More updates coming soon.