Friday, April 13, 2012

Prototype and a Bowling pin

   I have just recently created a progress thread for my new project on unity forums here:

So I will most likely start posting less here and more on there.
Also I have put up the prototype of my game. It can be played here:

The prototype is really simple basic gameplay, I plan to improve it as I go.
little info about the game:

I named it "Kokohgear: Meal", it is a spin off of my other game Kokoh Trails Leonardo's Memory.

Story: you play as Khanda bear who goes out on a quest to find food.
genre: Action Adventure(depending on how things go it might change)
style: 3rd person top down gameplay.

here is a screen shot of the protagonist:

I just redesigned the bear model I created for my kokoh Trails project.
I refer to this as the "Bowling pin Khanda bear" because its new design reminds me of a bowling pin.

more coming soon!