Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A new Game project.

      I have been working on a game for over a month now and after all that work I did, I have realized that I am loosing interest more and more in my project. I said that I would finish the game, but i'm just not motivated to do anymore work for it. I discussed a little bit about it, you play as a character named Leonardo who is found washed up on the shores of Kehkoh Island with no previous memory. The story of the game was suppose to unwrap even more later on as the player went through a very zelda like adventure. I never said the name of the game on my blog, but originally I was going to call it "Kokoh Trails: Leonardo's Memory".  Here is a picture of the main title screen/ cover art/what ever its called.
I actually drew this picture very early on when I first started creating the game but never posted it, so its pretty old. I tried to draw it in a very old fashioned Japanese painting type art style :)

There is actually a lot of things I have created for that game but never posted anything about them. I only posted small updates on here. In the future i'll upload other things from this game that I have made to use as assets like more art work, 3d models, characters, and music for the game. Ill probably post them on here as well as my deviantart page. I made a lot of music for this project but never used any of  them. I might use them for other projects. Maybe in the future, if I ever get interest in this project again I will pick it up and try to finish it, but for now i'm going to take a break from it.

But wait! That does not mean I am not working on anything anymore. I just started my new game project last week :)
I decided that I wanted to make a more simple game than "Kokoh Trails: Leonardo's Memory". I think that my new idea is actually much better than the game I was first working on. The story is much more simpler, but I think its really good so far. As for gameplay, I want to try to make my own unique type. I have an idea of how its going to play out as. I got some inspiration for my new game from persona 2 and 3 (just the art style though, the game itself is going to be nothing like the persona games, those are way to complex for a solo dev.)

So far the current progress on my new project is pretty decent. Besides some sketches, I have already made the main character and created all of the animations. Also I just recently finished the main villain. In the near future I will post a lot more information about my new game. Since this game is simpler I will update much quicker. Unlike the project I just abandoned (temporarily) I am very excited about this one.