Often I create simple prototype projects to understand something a little bit better for when I want to create a game or something else like a in game feature. Sometimes I even make little quick prototype projects to demonstrate something or show off what improvements I have made such as graphics or gameplay or just new features and what you guys can look forward to in my future game projects. Also, sometimes my prototype projects do not even have to be game related, I might just make one to try out a concept or maybe to help me create a useful app like a simulator of some sorts for example. On this page you can check the various prototypes I created.

Unity 5 Test
Uploaded on: 4/3/2015
 Play Here

A quick scene I put together in Unity 5 to test out some of the awesome new features in my favorite engine!

Basic endless/Infinite game Demo
Uploaded on: 2/15/2015
Play Here

A simple basic prototype of an endless/infinite styled game. Pieces of the world are randomly chosen and generated each time. This was the starting point for one of my upcoming android game projects.

Animated GUI Interactive Demo
Uploaded on: 1/30/2015
 Play Here

A short experimental project created to show off animated interactive UI in Unity.  Demo presents a variety of different animated GUI objects that drive a short 3D interactive game.

3D Jack-O-Lantern Beta Demo
Uploaded on: 10/15/2014
 Play Here

The Beta demo build of my 3D Jack-O-Lantern app. My first ever Non-game app

 "Bag Face" Demo (Working Title)
Uploaded on: 7/28/2014
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 A small "coming soon" web player teaser for an upcoming game project about "Bag Face", one of my original characters.

 Simple Enemy AI Path finding Demo
Uploaded on: 5/14/2014
 Play Here

Very simple prototype I made to test out unity's built in NavMesh features. I created an enemy with very simple AI. It chases the player around and avoids running into obstacles like walls and such.

Beach Ball Shooter Prototype Demo
Uploaded on: 5/13/2014
 Play Here

 An early playable prototype scene from a beach themed game I am working on. Shoot beach balls with your beach ball cannon! Cause destruction!

  DaHoop Character Model Viewer
Uploaded on: 4/23/2014
 Play Here

 This is a model viewer of my low poly game ready original character called "DaHoop". Press the space key to change his pose. Check out the full "Making of" for this character model over here.

Snowconesolid Crazy Cats!
Uploaded on: 4/17/2014
 Play Here

A playable web demo showing off the variety of colors and poses of my "Crazy Cat" Character model.

Check out the full blog post over here

Flower Boy character Model Viewer
Uploaded on: 4/6/2014
 Play Here

This is a model viewer for my flower boy character. An original character of mine that will appear in one of my game projects. You can change his pose by pressing space. Also check out the complete "making of" for this character over here (Link)

Nxgen Alien character Model Viewer
Uploaded on: 12/21/2013
 Play Here

I wanted to show off what my "Nxgen Alien" character model looks like in the unity game engine so I set up a quick model viewer. This is also sort of a tech demo type of thing from me to show off how much I have improved at creating more realistic characters. It shows off what you can expect from my future game projects, how they will look and stuff like that. 

Level One Alpha build from secret toon game project.
Uploaded on: 12/21/2013 (created on 12/8/2013)
Play Here

This was the very first level in the game for my toon game project. I have made a lot of changes to the project and this level since I created this webplayer, so in the final game you will notice a lot of changes. It will look almost like a completely different level than what you see here. I thought I would upload this alpha build anyway because it would be interesting to show what the game was going to look like and how much changes have been made to it since this build. Enjoy!

Very Early prototype of Secret game project
Uploaded on: 11/19/2013
 Play Here
Original Description: 11/19/2013
This is the very first playable prototype of one of my secret new game projects  Its nothing fancy yet. I will update this description when I reveal the game in the future. Note: If you fall of the stage you will have to reload the page.

The Silent-Meow Files
Uploaded on: 11/13/2013 (created between May - September 2013)
 Visit Silent Meow Page

I was working on a horror game called "Almond-Hill : Silent-Meow" for a while. Then I kind of just started working on other newer projects of mine and stopped working on this particular game. However, I have done a lot of work on this game and decided to put up a page of some of the unfinished levels I created for it.

Forest Soup prototype
Uploaded on: 10/12/2013 (created 10/5/13)
Play Here

The first test level I created to demonstrate my idea for Forest soup and my character Oliver Olivetree.
The controls are displayed when the game is loaded up.

Almond-Hill : Silent Meow Detective Pekoe gameplay level demo
Uploaded on: 8/14/2013
 Play Here

 After making many changes to the project, I eventually decided that I wanted a new main character in the game instead of Leon Coffeebean. This prototype lets you play as Detective Pekoe, the new main character. As you can see from playing this demo that the gameplay is already different than playing as Leon Coffeebean. Detective Pekoe moves much faster than Leon and is funner to control. Unlike Leon Coffeebean, Detective Pekoe does not carry a flashlight around. Instead, he carries a detective badge to show off. You can show your badge with left click. In some parts of the game, you will need to show your badge to truly prove that you are a detective. The level in this prototype is just for testing out the character Detective Pekoe and will not be in the final game.

Almond-Hill : Silent Meow final controls, GUI/HUD, Pickup items demo
Uploaded on: 7/ 4/2013
 Play Here
video demonstration

 The final player controls for "Almond-Hill : Silent Meow". Lots of changes and improvements since the first player controls prototype. Also, I implemented a lot of different systems such as health, currency, items and potions as well as the final GUI/HUD. You can test out the three different potions in this demo.

Almond-Hill : Silent Meow Leon Coffeebean controls prototype
Uploaded on: 6/ 16/2013
 Play Here
video demonstration

A prototype to test out the controls for my horror game "Almond-Hill : Silent Meow". These are third person controls I created entirely with unity playmaker. As of this prototype, the controls are not fully complete and still need tweaking. Also, there is no sound effects yet. However, I believe what I have put together so far is really good and these are some of my best controls yet. They are pretty smooth and easy to use and blend my characters animations together nicely. Will improve further as the project progresses.

Improvement Project Demonstrations #1
Uploaded on: 3/ 30/2012

A simple demonstration. My first "improvement project" I released that shows off how much I improved in 3d modeling/ design after training for a while. I improved a lot at this point but was still not satisfied and went on to continue practicing and improving.
You can just walk around it and check out a simple town I created for level design practice and you can check out my recreated zelda characters that I made for character modeling practice.
more info here: Link

Virtual Museum
Uploaded on: 8/24/2012

This is a virtual museum of some of my not so good character modeling. The text got a little messed up so here are the controls:

Move with arrow keys or WASD
While walking, hold the space key to run.

press z to change clothes
press x to change camera view
also I forgot to add a spawn point thing, so if you fall off from the platform you will have to refresh the page. And this is might be pretty laggy to.

Simple Open World game Prototype
Uploaded on: 8/22/2012
Play Open World Prototype

This is a prototype for open world type gameplay. Its just a big area with many mountains. It is simple but you can do a couple of things in it that are pretty cool. You can customize the character in a simple way, run/walk(they have different speeds) and use a flashlight Be sure to click the help/info button if you play this prototype because it tells you the controls.

Simple Save/Load Prototype
Uploaded on: 8/4/2012
Play Prototype

I made this when I was learning how to save and load progress with unity. This version is the simple one and only saves the score which is just an integer number. I made a newer version that can save the players position as well but never saved it.

Basic 3D Model Viewer
Uploaded on: 6/6/2012
Check it out here

Was not intentionally planning on making a 3d model viewer but than thought I would try it with Unity. It is a pretty simple thing to create.

Meal Time Prototype
Uploaded on: 4/13/2012
 Play Prototype

This eventually transformed into
KokohGear: Meal. Chopping trees down and looking for food. Simple gameplay concept created with a real simple prototype. Move with WASD or arrow keys and press space to chop trees.