Saturday, May 16, 2015

Release: Super Rubber Duck

     Just released my newest mobile game "Super Rubber Duck" on Google Play store for free. This is an endless addictive challenging game about a red cape wearing rubber duck. Tap the screen to make your rubber ducky jump. Jump through various challenging restrooms and avoid getting hit by angry spiky flying soap bars! How far can you travel? How many restrooms will you clear?

Life as a rubber duck is not easy...

Get the game from Google Play over here: Google Play - Super Rubber Duck

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Game Screenshots:

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Developer Comments:
     I actually had a lot of fun creating this one. It was nice to work on a simple game for once. I enjoyed this project mainly because it was small and simple. I only spent about a week total creating it. I had an idea for a mobile game, I knew what I wanted to do and how to do it so I quickly was able to put the whole thing together and the result is this game, "Super Rubber Duck". I have created other mobile games and put them up on the Google PlayStore in the past but I was never really satisfied with them. They didn't feel like games for mobile devices. However, that is not the case with this game. I am very satisfied with the final game I created this time and feel like I have finally made a game that was meant to be played on mobile devices. "Super Rubber Duck" is my first true mobile game. It's a game that anyone can play.

Once again, I really enjoyed making this one and I think down the road I might make more games like this for mobile. I am looking forward to hearing feedback from anyone who tries the game out and seeing other peoples scores and how well they did, how many restrooms they were able to get past without getting hit by spiky soap enemies! :D

Thanks everyone and enjoy the game. More blog updates and new games coming soon!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Super Rubber Duck Coming to Android

     So I have been working on new small game over the past couple days. Actually, as I mentioned in the previous post, I started working on this after submitting my entry for the zelda themed game jam over at

My next game will be called "Super Rubber Duck". It will be a simple endless mobile game for Android devices. You play as a rubber duck with a red cape and must avoid hitting spiky soap enemies in a bathroom environment.

I created this game fairly quickly. It's already pretty much done at this point but I want to spend a couple more days doing polish work before releasing it to the app store. I am very excited about this one and look forward to releasing it for everyone to play very soon. I plan on releasing it either this Sunday or Monday.

Thanks for reading everyone!

Screenshots from Development: (Not from final game)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Post jam, behind the scenes look, what's next?

     Hello everyone. Just want to post an update here on the blog about whats coming next now that the zelda jam is over with. Before I do, I just want to say that the FemaleLinkJam was a really awesome and fun competition to participate in, definitely my favorite gamejam I have participated in yet. My entry, "The Zelda Within" placed in 7th place. I wanna thank everyone who downloaded and played the game. If you enjoyed it or hated, thanks for trying it out. I know, it is a very strange game. But definitely had a ton of fun creating it.

Many indie devs participated in the jam and 20 fan made zelda games were entered! (19 not counting mine) There are some really good entries made by talented game developers and I highly encourage you to go check them out and give them a try. I played through some and really enjoyed seeing what others have made. So if you get a chance be sure to check out all the awesome entries over here at this link:

Lots of really well made games on that list.

Behind the scenes look:
Originally I was planning on creating a "Making of" blog post for "The Zelda Within". Just kind of going over the process of what went into this month long game project. But then I decided, I am too lazy to type something like that up. Instead, here is a bunch of "dev" screenshots I took along the way while creating the game. These screens can give you some idea of how the game was made. Made with Unity 5 engine and Blender3D of course. Enjoy!

What's next?
     The zelda jam was fun and I really enjoyed participating in it but now that it is finished I don't think I will be participating in anymore jams for a while. I want to get back on track and continue working on my own personal game projects for the time being. Actually, I already began working on my next game project shortly after submitting my entry for the zelda jam. I am working on a simple mobile game for Android which I plan on having out before the end of this month. Probably even sooner then the end of this month as the game is already about 70% complete. I will talk more about my upcoming game in the next blog post real soon.

That is it for now. Thanks for reading. And definitely check out some of the cool zelda entries up on

Stay tuna!