Friday, March 29, 2013

First improvment/ demonstration project is up

Hey everyone.

As I said a while ago, ever since I released "Revolver Finger" for android, I have been spending all my time practice/training and learning more to better improve my game development and 3d art skills. I have been making a lot of great progress and definitely have improved in many areas. I have mainly been focusing on improving my 3d art skills. Those of you who have seen my deviant art or some of my recent posts may have seen some of the models I created for practice.

Anyway, in a post I made not to long ago I said that I would put up a small demonstration/prototype project that shows my recent work so people can see how much I have improved. I also mentioned I would be putting these small projects up when I first said that I would be taking  a break from development and focusing on improving.

So here is my very first "Improvement project" (thats what I like to call them). Its nothing special, just something real basic. You can walk around it and just look at some of my recent work. Its kind of like a small virtual museum. In this you will be able to move around in a small town type level I created and get a closer look at my more recent models such as my zelda character remakes.

You can check it out in your web browser from here: Improvement Demo

I will be adding these into the "Prototype/ Demonstrations projects" section of the blog.

I have definitely learned a lot more and greatly improved but I am still not satisfied with my current skill level. So I am going to continue training and improving further for the time. I will probably have more "Improvment project" demonstrations up as I go.

I mentioned this before, I have plans and already know what my next game project will be and I am really excited about it but I will not start working on it until I greatly improve. And I want my next game release to be my best one.

So thats all for now.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Unity Learn is up!

Hello everyone.

Today's post is a little different from my other posts. When I make a post its usually about something I am working on or something I am doing. What I want to talk about today is Unity "Learn".

Unity has recently put up a new section on their website labeled as "Learn" and it is for exactly what it is labeled as; learning Unity. This is a really awesome new section the Unity team has put up. It is filled with many different tutorials and I believe it is something that will be updated often with new tutorials and lessons.

"Learn" is not just for new people who are starting out with Unity but it is for every user. Beginner or advanced, there are useful tutorials up there and that will be added in the future. There is a section up for learning literally anything within Unity such as scripting, the interface, graphics, etc.

What else is there? aside from the tutorials there is also live online training classes offered by Unity that users can sign up for. This is a really useful new feature for people who want to ask questions while learning and receive answers straight from the professionals. There are also tutorial projects Unity has up in the learn section that will teach you how to create different types of games. At the moment of this blog post, Unity currently has the first tutorial game project you can work through that will teach users how to create a fully functional stealth game. All of the assets for the project are already provided when you start going through it which is pretty cool.

So if you are new to Unity, new to game development or a Unity guru but want to further improve your knowledge I highly recommend checking out the new "Learn" section. There is always something new to learn. I started using learning Unity in 2011 and I know there is still a lot more I need to learn. This learn section wasn't available when I started so learning Unity was a little more complicated, but now anyone can easily just jump right into learning how to use the awesome game engine.

As you know from my recent blog posts, I have been spending the time learning more and further improving my game development skills before I dive into my next game project. At the moment I am very focused on improving my 3d art skills and I have already greatly improved. Next I will definitely start taking a look through Unity learn.

I plan on working through that stealth game tutorial project I mentioned above that Unity has put out sometime. So, when I do I will probably start posting about the progress on it. And if anyone else is also working through that project at the time we can help each other and discuss it.

So I look forward to that and gaining a even deeper understanding of Unity and game development and I hope some of you guys do to. With all that said, that's all for now and I will see you next time.

You can check out Unity's new "Learn" section over at this link:

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Still Here

Hey everyone.

Sorry for the lack of updates/blog post. My last post was February 16th and I mentioned that I would be taking the time off from working on anymore game projects and spending it to focus on improving my skills in game development so when I do start my next project it will much more polished.

I have been mostly focusing on improving my 3d modeling/ art skills and if you have been checking out my deviantart page or my posts on the unity forums you might have already seen a lot of my newer 3d models.

I have been training and practicing almost everyday and I have learned a lot more and improved greatly in 3d modeling. I like to look back at my older models and say "wow, that looks like crap compared to my newer ones". Here is some of my recent work: (Check out my deviantart page for more)

A low poly human character with a mustache!

Zelda characters remade:

I thought it would be really good modeling practice to remake some of the n64 models they used in the n64 zelda games because you can focus a lot on deciding how that model can be improved or re imagine how it would look like if it was to be created today for more modern games. I had a lot of fun making these, especially the Wolfos character (which was the most challenging one to make).

Anyway, that's what I have been up to for the past couple weeks. I have made lots of improvements but there is also still a lot more I need to learn. So for the time, I will continue to focus on improving my skills further before I jump into my next game project.

However, I do want to say that I have been planning what my next game project will be for a while now but, thats for a future post. I don't want to jump into it and rush it like my previous projects. When the time is right I will start working on it. I am thinking maybe sometime by summer? Perhaps earlier, but not at the moment.

So just stay tuned until then.

Also, before I go, in my last post I mentioned during the time I spend training/improving I might release some small prototype/ demonstration projects. So I was thinking maybe I will create a little virtual museum with unity that you can walk around in that has my recent works. Ill try and put that together sometime and get it on the blog.