Monday, December 31, 2012

Current progress and preview of "Raccoon Finger"

Hello everyone and happy new year!

I have been making a lot of great progress on my android game project lately. So today I am going to show current progress on the game.

current progress:
+character and all animations set up and ready
+dual analog control with touch screen.
+added music and other sound effects such as player footsteps and background sounds
+working on the logic for the first level.

I made a video demonstrating what a current build of the game is like running on an android device and it runs great. Also the footage is a preview of the first level. Its a small island that you live on. Its more of a starting point for the game. Check it out.

Thats all for now and I will have more on "Raccoon Finger" soon!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The beauty of "Raccoon Finger" and info about the game

Yesterday I briefly mentioned my next game project "Raccoon Finger" for the android. Today I have some more info about the game and a quick look at the levels I recently created.

"Raccoon Finger"  is a game about a raccoon who one day receives a mysterious package. As the raccoon heads over to check whats inside, the package begins moving and falls off the floating island the raccoon lives on. while chasing it the raccoon also falls off from his island and wakes up in the world below. Players must find the package and discover whats inside.
(Don't want to give away to much of the story line so thats just a quick version) :)

about the game:
It will be a third person adventure game for android devices and will release for free.

Preview/game/level design:
So far I am very proud of what I have done for this project and I must say its going to be my best looking game yet as I have greatly improved my 3d art skills since my last couple projects.

heres just a quick look at some of the levels in game.

Raccoon base: This will be the starting point of the game.

Mushroom Forest level

Floating Flower island

and heres just a short video of the raccoon island base on the android remote

I hope to have more info on the game soon. In my next post I will probably show a current build running on my device.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My first android game project : "Raccoon Finger"

Hey everybody in my last blog post I mentioned that I started playing around with unity-android. Since then I have been spending a lot of time going over some scripts and making various android tests builds. For the most part there isn't that much of a difference than using unity to make a pc game.

Anyway, i'm finally ready and already started working on my first android game. Yesterday I finished working on one of the levels. Also, I created a bunch of the other game assets.

The game is going to be called "Raccoon Finger". Its going to be a short adventure game where players take on the role of a raccoon! (I am going to have some short story-line going on in the game.)

This will be my main character:

If you have seen my deviant art page you might of noticed that I made this model not to long ago. However, I really didn't like the texture I gave it, so I went back and remade its texture to look more like a game character raccoon. Then I created its animations.

Thats all I have for now. Once I get more done I will have a video up showing off  some gameplay.

More soon!

Happy Holidays.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Back! whats new? Android development with Unity

Hello everyone.
It has been a long time since my last blog post but finally I have been able to find the time to do my own thing every once in a while again. I haven't been up to much recently but I do have a lot of plans for some future game projects I want to work on. Lets leave that for a different post for now.

Anyway, what I have been playing around with for the past couple days is unity-android. A while ago Unity had some special thing going on and they where giving out the standard android publishing add-on for free for about a week. So I was lucky enough to get the add-on and just recently started looking through the documentation for unity android and so on.

I decided to start testing it out and made a couple of things/ got things working. I put a video together demonstrating what I have done so far. Nothing special just some simple stuff. Im still going over how to do some things in android. For example writing a move script for a character in a game is different than making one for a computer game since the android device uses touch screen controls instead of keyboard input.

I might put up the apk files that I showed in the video here on the blog sometime but really they are just useless apps that don't do anything fancy. (But than again, it seems like "useless apps" are the more popular ones. :)

Anyway, thats about all I have for now. In the future when I get a little more skilled at this android stuff maybe I will come up with something cool. Make some games, maybe even port some of my older ones to android. Who knows. I'm thinking of even creating two versions of every game I make from this point on, a PC version and an android version. But for now lets not get carried away.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Released Quick_Wings Unity Multiplayer game!

Hey everyone. In the last post I said I was working on a simple 2 player game. Today I finally finished it and its ready to play! My original goal was to build it withing a time period of 3 days however I didn't have the time to work on it for hours straight. So I ended up finishing it today (which is day 4 of my time period) Still not bad timing :)

Anyway, this is my first multiplayer game ever created and I think it turned out pretty good. In my last post I mentioned what features I was going to implement into the game as well as the type of gameplay. However, these have changed in the final build.

 -Split screen 2 player action
 -Three different levels to play from.
 -Each match is 1 min. long
 -Tag like gameplay
 -Awsome music provided by NoSoapRadio

How to play and rules of the game.
   The gameplay is similar to tag. One player will play as a character that must go after the other player and the other player must avoid the player going after them.

There are two different characters. An alien character (Offense) and a turkey player (Defense).

The Alien Character:
 -The person who plays as an Alien must hunt down the turkey player by shooting them with "Ghost Balls".
This player can only win by destroying the turkey. The Alien player has a maximum of 10 shots. In order to win the Alien character must shoot the turkey at least 5 times. However, if the Alien player runs out of ammo or time the turkey player will be the winner.

The Turkey player:
 -The person who plays as the turkey must simply just avoid getting hit by the alien player. In order to win, the turkey player must survive until time runs out or until the alien player runs out of ammo.

     -Turkey player: Move with W, A, S, D
     - Alien player Move with arrow keys and shoot with space bar
     -To return to the menu hit the M key

Play the game HERE

Anyway, thats about it. Hope you enjoy this simple 2 player game.

Play with a friend!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Quick_Wings Unity3d Multiplayer game project

Hi everyone!
Just yesterday I started working on new game project in Untiy3d. This project is going to be a little bit different from my other projects. Its a game called "Quick_Wings" and its going to be my first multiplayer game project ever. As I said, I started working on this project yesterday and my goal is to have it finished by tomorrow. I am rapidly developing it.

Of course its just going to be a simple 2 player game though, however it's turning out really good I think for something done in a short time period.

Here is the very first screen shot of the game:

Maybe in a couple hours or so I will put up a video showing gameplay (depending on how far I get to today.)

Game Features:
  -The gameplay will be somewhat similar to tag.
  -One player will play as an Alien type character and the other player will play as a turkey (yes a turkey)
 -Each character has a special trait.(See below for more info on gameplay and characters)
-Its not an online multiplayer game, it will just be a simple Split screen 2 player game.
-One match consists of 3 rounds.
- After the timer runs out the players switch positions. (turkey player switches to alien, alien player switches to turkey)
 -The game will have 3 different levels to choose from.

Gameplay and characters
As I said, the game will play somewhat like tag. The alien player will be the tagger(Offense). The person playing as the alien can shoot "ghost balls" at the other  player to tag them.

The person playing as a turkey will be the person to tag (defense). The goal of the turkey player is
to avoid the tagger until time runs out. The turkey cannot shoot anything, however, unlike the alien
player, the turkey has the ability to jump over obstacles.

Current progress on the game:
+ Finished all the models, levels, assets today.
+ Almost finished working on Alien player (In terms of script logic)
+Currently building the main gameplay logic (score system, switching positions after a round ends, length of one round, ammo system for Alien player)

Anyway, that is about all for now. Going to try and finish this project by sometime tomorrow. I will add some gameplay videos or maybe new screenshots later!

Have a good Thanksgiving! :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cool infographic about Nintendo's success!

    Hey everyone sorry for the lack of updates on the blog. I have been a bit busy.  Anyway, today lets talk Nintendo!

A couple days ago I was emailed by Emily Torres, one of the contributors of about this really awsome infographic they put together about Nintendo and the company's success. The infographic is really well done and has a lot of interesting information about Nintendo that not to many people would know about. For all you Nintendo fans out there, video game researchers or gamers in general I highly recommend checking it out.

See it here : Nintendo Infographic

Also check out the other infographics they have up on the blog section.

 Anyway thats about all for today. Soon I will have some new posts about a new game project Im going to work on and other unity stuff to. I look forward to it.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Almond-Hill on IndieGames and maybe more horror game projects in the future

The other day Almond-Hill was featured on as the freeware horror pick!
I just want to thank the people at indie games for the feature and Danny Cowan for posting the news about it. 

Also, I wasn't expecting this, but surprisingly Almond-Hill is my most popular game yet (well according to the stats google blogger gives me at least). So I just wanted to thank everyone who has played Almond-Hill or at least tried it. I know there are a couple of bugs with it and its not the greatest looking in terms of graphics either. But it was just a project released for fun. Actually, in a earlier post I said this project (Almond-Hill)  would be more of an experimental project attempt for me. So I was just playing around and experimenting with the different ways to create a horror game. Also I wanted to have it finished and released before the end of October for Halloween. I had a lot of fun making this one and in the future I  am planning on working on more horror type games, but a more serious attempt and a more polished up horror game. For now though I will work on improving my game development skills.

Anyway, thats all for now. Thanks once again.
you can check out Almond-Hill on the indie games website over here Almond-Hill On

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Almond-Hill out now!

Hello everyone! Finally it is time to release my short horror game "Almond-Hill" (of course it is free play as well). Just in time to. Halloween is approaching. Anyway, here is the download link Please follow the instructions below after downloading.

This is the standalone pc version.

     1.) After downloading the Almond Hill rar file, right click and extract the files.

     2.) After extracting, there should be two things, a folder that says FinalBuildAlmondHill and
     a icon with a white and red box with a blue background. To launch the game double click the icon.

   3.) After you click, a window named Angrybots configuration will pop up. (Its named Angry bots because instead of creating a new project I built the game in the same project folder called Angry bots). In that window you can change the screen size, graphics quality, etc. Just hit Play to start the game.

NOTE: It is highly recommended to set the Screen resolution to 640 X 480 and uncheck the Windowed button (to play the game in full screen).

I say this because there is a slight problem with the GUI if you change the screen size. In the game there is a Messages section that is a GUI dialog box, if you change the screen resolution the message box will move out of place and sometimes go directly in the middle of the screen making it hard for the player to see. For the game to work the way its suppose to without any problems make sure to set the screen resolution to 640 X 480 as mentioned above.

Anyway, that's' all for now. I hope you enjoy the game and have a happy Halloween!

EDIT: Big thanks to indie games for featuring Almond-Hill as the "Freeware Horror Pick". This is the second time one of my games is featured there. Check it out here Almond-Hill on indiegames

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Almond-Hill will release tomorrow(Oct 28)

     Just a quick small update about my horror game "Almond-Hill". I was suppose to release it today, that was the plan. However I ran into a couple of issues. Anyway, instead I will release Almond-Hill tomorrow.
So for sure I will have it up by then.

Thanks and sorry for the delay. I look forward to the release :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Almond-Hill Trailer

Hi everyone, just finished uploading the trailer for my small horror game project "Almond-Hill". Its a game about rescuing your cat from a tree located in the haunted town of Almond-Hill.

I am almost finished with the game. It will release sometime before the end of October. More soon :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Almond-Hill will be a Horror game (news and more info)

Hello again everyone. In my last blog post I mentioned that I was working on a new small game project called "Almond-Hill". I didn't really have much to say about it at the time but now I have done a lot more work on the game and have some information.

The game is not much of a puzzle game anymore. At first that is what I was trying to go for but as I put it together I started experimenting with different things. So I decided that this will be a mini horror game and with Halloween right around the corner why not make a horror game? I myself am a fan of horror games and always enjoyed seeing how different developers set up the atmosphere and mood in those types of games. Hopefully with some experience playing horror games I can create a decent horror game of my own. This project is somewhat inspired off of the game "Silent Hill : Shattered Memories". I would have to say that its coming together pretty well for my first attempt at a horror game. The majority of the game is complete, there is still a couple of other things I need to implement but hopefully it will be finished pretty early.

Anyway here are some screen shots!

Story: The game has a very simple story line, because as mentioned before, it is a small game project and won't take much time at all to complete. The story is about a cat named "Almond" that gets stuck in a tree. You play as Felix (the owner of Almond the cat) and explore the tiny town of Almond-Hill to find a way to rescue your cat from the tree.

Game features:
  For this game I tried adding a couple of cool features. For example you can play the game entirely in third person mode or first person mode (which ever one you prefer). Also I added this other feature and it is a messaging system. This one is very important to the game because it allows the game to communicate with the player. You can see in the screenshots above the black box where it says messages. This device acts somewhat like a in game phone that receives various text messages. Its nothing to fancy but just something to try out and maybe further improve in future game projects.
Thats all for now, I look forward to releasing this one soon. :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

New (small) game project - Almond Hill

     Hi everyone (if there is anyone here) its been a long time since I posted anything here. I haven't worked on anything in a while so a couple weeks back I started working on a really small game project. I named it "Almond Hill" (you will find out why in a future blog post very soon). Its going to be a short puzzle game that lets you explore a tiny village/town I have created that has different things. Also you will be able to go inside all of the buildings/houses on the map because I designed the insides of them as well. Here are some screenshots I posted a couple days ago when I was still putting the town together.

Screen shot of the interior of one of the houses

And here is a screen of the character you will play as. I named him Felix (randomly decided to name him that)
At first I was trying to make a more serious character but resulted in a more toony/anime like character.

Anyway like I said earlier this is just a small project I am putting together quickly. The main reason I made this was just to practice creating better 3d game environments and level design.

I will probably release it very soon.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Moonlight Mountains Released!

hi everyone. Its the 19th of August so that means its time to release Moonlight Mountains :)
Sorry it's a little late in the day, I was planning on releasing it earlier.

anyway I put up a Webplayer version and a PC version. The entire game free.

I recommend downloading the PC version for better quality and your ability to change the screen size.
I hope you enjoy Moonlight Mountains First Discovery :)

PC version (Windows) : Download

Webplayer Version : Kongregate Link

Update: (Choosing levels and Mouse Cursor) Just to avoid a possible common problem, when selecting a level make sure that you can see the mouse cursor. The mouse cursor locks and hides itself as soon as you click anywhere on the screen, when you are selecting a level or going to save your game, make sure to show the mouse cursor again so you can click on things. To enable the mouse cursor press the M key or the escape key. Remember, the mouse cursor is only important when at the menu selector (the place to choose which mountain to go to or save/ load game) when in an actual mountain it is ok to let the mouse cursor lock and hide itself.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Trailer and Release date for Moonlight

Hey everyone. Recently I finished creating "Moonlight Mountains : First Discovery" and preparing to release it.

here is trailer:

watch HERE for better quality

I will release this project for free as a PC version and webplayer version on 8/19/12


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

current Moonlight Mountains changes and a Reboot to the game

I have done a lot of work on my project Moonlight mountains since the last post and I have a lot to talk about. But I have been updating my dev thread about it on the unity forums HERE often.

anyway first things first, I have a new vision for moonlight mountains and decided to make a huge jump. I already pretty much said everything in my recent update on my unity thread so I will just copy and paste that here since i am lazy:

//from my recent post on my unity dev thread:

              When I made the original commander moonlight and those other models I did not really have a clear idea of what I wanted moonlight mountains to be. than as I started making the levels, more and more things started to come together and a bunch of different ideas were emerging.

Now pretty much I have completed the entire game. I have been doing a lot of thinking after I remodeled the original Commander Moonlight and thought to myself that the entire game could be much better. The levels, enemies, etc they have not turned out to be exactly what I wanted them to be.

I decided that I want to make moonlight mountains all over again from the beginning. I will start a new fresh Moonlight mountains project that will be everything I wanted this original moonlight mountains to be. I think the current moonlight mountains is a great game I made and I learned so much more about unity from making it but I could of made it much better.

but what about the original project? I am not just going to abandon this one. actually I have maybe about one more scene and a half to make and then this moonlight mountains will be 100% complete. And already I have made a good amount of improvements to this version. Originally I was planning on releasing this project on Desura as a really cheap game, but now I have decided to release it for free. Im going to finish this one and have it out in perhaps the next week or so.

I have a new vision for Moonlight Mountains, so when I make the next moonlight mountains its not going to be a remake of this moonlight mountains, the gameplay will be different, it will have a different story and the entire game will be fresh. Think of this current moonlight mountains project I will release soon as the first entry in the series
this way I can get feedback on my original idea and see what I should improve/ inherit for my true moonlight mountains project

I look forward to releasing this version soon. I know the graphics are not to good but I think you will enjoy the game.

I will have more soon!

oh yeah and I have added to the name of this version of moonlight mountains. Now I call it
"Moonlight Mountains : First Discovery"

//// Back to the blog

Anyway thats what I have planned for the current moonlight mountains project and the future moonlight mountains project. Also as I mentioned in my unity post and my recent unity thread updates I have re-made the main character and I love the new design. I was going to replace the current commander moonlight with this one but than I thought if I am making a completely new moonlight mountains game I will save my new commander moonlight for that project. Here is some pics of the new Commander Moonlight, there is a huge difference and a lot of improvements:


here is a shadeless version for you if the others where too shiny looking :)

Now back to this current moonlight mountains project heres a couple of things that I have done since the last time I posted on my blog

+ There is now a Ammo system, the game is more challenging and is more like a survival type game now

+ Made some graphical changes to the game, some objects and enviorments look better, also the moonlight mountain bear is different now

+ Added a new type of enemy that allows you to attack multiple parts of the body, its a more advanced enemy. Heres a pic, I call it the Moon-Knight

+ and I recently have created a save/load type system to the game, im really happy about this because now the game just feels more professional :) heres a video of the save load feature in action:

Also I have uploaded a bunch of other videos for this game project recently so if you want to check them out go to my youtube channel HERE

Thats all I have for now. I will finish creating "Moonlight Mountains : First Discovery" and release it for free really soon! :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Working on a Save/Load Feature


   Just a small update on Moonlight Mountains current progress. All the levels from the first half of the game are now fully complete. They are five unique mountains that Commander Moonlight can climb and explore to gain cat-cash and collect the required ship pods. I will post a video soon probably to demonstrate the menu level selector.

Anyway this game project has a lot of stuff in it that changes as the user gets further and further like the amount of cat-cash and ship pods the player has collected, the levels the player has unlocked, the boss battles the player has completed, etc. So I figured it is very necessary to include a save system in this game. The problem I ran into was, I had never learned how to save player progress in unity. That is because I always thought saving game progress is a complicated process. Then until yesterday, after going through the unity documentation I realized that creating a save system is actually not that hard. Really it depends on what/how things need to be saved depending on the type of game it is since each game is pretty different.

So just as a test I put together a prototype of a real simple game that allows players to save, load, and delete their score. You can see it here:

Save/Load/Delete Prototype

     Move with W,A,S,D or arrow keys
     pass through ball objects to increase score
     click on GUI buttons to carry out their functions (savebutton, load button, etc)

This is probably saving at its simplest form. The only thing that saves in the entire level is the users score. But other things such as which objects you collected reset themselves when the level is re-loaded.

 Anyway now that I have a general idea of how to make a save system I can start working on one for Moonlight Mountains so you guys can keep all of your cat-cash!

I will have more soon! :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

More detail, Characters and gameplay info. Moonlight Mountains

In my last post I didn't really go into detail about the game im working on so today I finally have prepared that. I already started a development thread on the unity forums HERE
so Ill just copy and paste everything from that post and put it here on the blog as well
But from now on I will probably post updates in my unity dev thread unless I have a major update like a demo release, trailer, etc.

 anyway from my unity thread:

Hi unity community. Its me again. I am working my next unity project called "Moonlight Mountains"

     Its a low poly game about a princess who lives in on the Moon. However, this is not your average "save the princess" type game. It is a two part game. And when I say two part game I don't mean that the game will be split into two parts and released separately. I mean that each half of the game has its own unique gameplay style. At the moment I am working on the first half of the game (which is almost finished). For now I will talk about the first half of the game.

In the first half, the princess drops five capsules down to earth from the moon. Each capsule lands on a different mountain. You play as

Commander Moonlight: (for more info on character go HERE)

Commander Moonlight can climb any mountain and with his rocket launcher prepared,  he sets out to obtain the five capsules.

Each capsule contains parts to a ship.  The princess has dropped these ship parts so you can build the ship and go to rescue her.
The ship is known as the "Moon-Cruiser"

moonlight princess (see HERE for more info on princess)

About the gameplay. (First half, the gameplay will be different in the second half)
     There a five mountains, however you cannot go to each mountain right away. They must be unlocked.
I have put in a new system in the game where you must collect something known as "Cat-cash" (the currency in Moonlight Mountains) In order to unlock the other mountains and obtain the other capsules you must collect the required amount of cat-cash.

So this means that even though you obtain ship pod/ capsule you might need to revisit the level to collect more cat-cash.

Screen shot of finding cat cash:

Current progress on the game:
I have finished the first two Mountains and am currently putting the third one together. Hopefully soon I will have a Demo up! :)

Anway thats about it for now I will have more soon!

Other Characters/ images:


Moonlight Mountain Bear: (see HERE)

Moon Fish: (see HERE)

Sir. MoonBeam: (see HERE)


 Big moon fish attack! (Screenshot)

Friday, July 27, 2012

new project: Moonlight Mountains - early preview

     A couple weeks ago I have finally started work on my next full unity game project. woooooohh! :)

But before I get into that, I just wanted to point out that I have also gave my blog a pretty big update. Besides my awsome new blog design I have created in the background, you will now notice new link tabs on the top of the blog page under the big image that says "Game Dev blog". Finally I have organized everything into separate sections especially my games. I have added tabs that have sections such as "contact" and "about", etc but the major one is the "Games" tab, which takes you to a page that has all my game projects organized from most recent to oldest that can be played right here on the blog. So anyway I hope my blog is now more robust. :)

And now back on the main topic. As I said earlier I have started work on my next game. It will be called "Moonlight Mountains" as you can see in the above image.

I have had lots of time to work on the project recently and I can say that I have a pretty good amount done. So perhaps in the near future I will have a demo up. However, there is still a lot of work to be done. This game project will also be my most complex one up to date. Originally I was planning on making it a short quick game but I just keep getting more and more ideas.

In the upcoming blog post I will talk about it in more detail but for now I have put together a short video of a prototype I have put together for the game, it tests out various things such as AI and the simple health system. check it out:

This prototype stage was mainly just for testing my very simple enemy AI. I have already finished creating the first two real levels of the game and currently working on stage three. Im planning on releasing the first three stages as the demo as soon as I finish them. From this video the game doesn't really seem like much at the moment but in the future I will post some more about it. Also, two of the characters in my background image for my blog design are going to be characters in this game project.

Anyway that is about all for tonight.
See ya next time!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

GameZanga, Freedom Space, and other entries

I haven't really been posting a whole lot lately so I guess I will put this up today.
For the past three days I have been working non-stop on my game project entry for the gamezanga competition from

The Gamezanga competition is an arabic game-jam where developers must create a web game in 72 hours based of a topic/theme that was chosen by the voters.
But it is not just a game development competition it was a big event with other things like lecture sessions and a place for people to meet other game developers in the Arab world. I didn't actually get to go in person, I participated online, so I missed out on most of the fun stuff haha. But being able to compete in the competition and be part of the gamezanga was really fun and I look forward to participating in the next one.

^ screenshot of my game entry
Anyway, the topic/theme for the game was suppose to be about freedom. It is a very broad topic and a lot of things can be done with it. The game I made is called "Freedom Space" and its about a man who lives trapped in his own world. His world  is very confusing and makes no sense at all. The players take the role of this man and play through a zelda like dungeon to escape that world and later go into space to find a planet that has true freedom. However, after escaping, the man realizes that even outside of his world true freedom does not exist. The man then learns that the only way to ever have true freedom is to create it yourself.

Most of the game has text in Arabic but its not really that important and does not effect the gameplay at all.
So if anyone is interested in checking it out you can play it over here on the gametako website:

Freedom Space!

This is one of my favorite game projects I have made even though it is only three levels. Also it is my first game that actually has jumping in it. If you experience any problems with it try playing it in full screen mode.

There was a lot of other entrys in the competition and some of them are really cool and have interesting concepts. I haven't had a chance to play all of them but here are a few that I thought are cool, so check them out.

Here are some other entries, I put the names in english.

 very nice looking 3d game
 also a 3d game, I didn't finish this because I think I got stuck somewhere, Its a 2.5 side scroller
I'm free    
  a 2d game wih awsome classic 8-bit style. This game has a really cool concept for gameplay

those are only a couple of the entries, check out some of the other ones at :

thats all for now goodnight. :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

KokohGear : Meal featured on Indiegames

Recently I have found out that KokohGear : Meal was featured on indieGames,com as the browser game pick!

I would like to give a big thank you to Danny Cowan who published the article and the rest of the indiegames staff for the feature.

you can check it out here:
KokohGear: Meal on IndieGames

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

KokohGear : Meal Full version Released

just released my final version of my game project.

my post from my unity dev thread:

Hey everyone this is the last post for my game project. Just came to say that the full final version of my game is now out and can be played for free over here:

KokohGear : Meal Final Version

Although I have done some other tiny projects in unity, this game project is my first true full game project. The ones in the past are more test/ training with unity projects. Of course this one was also a training with unity project for me as well.
I have learned a lot more about unity in the time I created this game and hope to expand my knowledge even more in the future.

Anyway I hope you enjoy my game. :)

you can see my dev thread here to see how the game flowed through development

KokohGearMeal Dev thread

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Demo two released

I rarely ever post on my blog anymore because I just use my unity dev thread, but I have made a lot of progress since my last blog post on my game project and just released Demo 2.

check out demo two over here

Demo 2 (kongregate link)

Demo 2(Dropbox link)

hope you enjoy.

To see the latest updates/ recent ones check out my dev thread on the unity forums here

Unity Dev thread

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First Demo released!

Hello again. I have just released the first demo to my game. You can play it here


Also here is a link to play it on Kongregate:


This is just the tutorial level from the game that shows the player the basic gameplay.
Hopefully I will have the full game soon :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Current progress: Menus and Vehicle preveiw!

Hey there again. Lately I have been posting a lot of updates in my unity dev thread found here :

but I think I should post this update here this time.

Anyway, pretty much I have finished putting together all the gameplay elements so the most important part is finished I would say. Now is finally a good time to move onto building the levels. Also I have created the main menu for the game and the how to play menu.
Soon I will create a playable tutorial level that will further explain the gameplay.

I have also finished modeling my vehicle for the levels that will have driving action fun!

Finished model:

and here it is after I textured it:

And last, I have put a video together to preview the menu and see the vehicle in action!

More stuff to do later:
     -create playable tutorial level
     - improve vehicle functionality for better gameplay
     -create cutscene for begining of game
     -Begin level design
     - still need to create that boss battle level(Not sure if I will include in final game)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Final Prototype

     Just recently put up a new video of my newest prototype for my game. Im planning on finally building the game soon so no more prototypes from here on. :)


latest progress as of today:
+ sound effects and music is now set up
+ created new props and enemies
+Updated scripts

things to be done before level design:
- update enemies
- im planning on having boss battle(s) in my game, so need to create boss's
- Create main menu screen
-put together story/ cutscenes for game

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Release: "Red Garden" A Deadly Premonition fan game

     Did you hear that Zach? Its finally time to release the Deadly Premonition fan game.

As mentioned in the last blog post, I have created a very small Deadly Premonition fan game. I named it "Red Garden". You play as the rain coat killer and gather red seeds. :)

It is a really short game with terrible 3d models I made in a couple of minuets, but I hope you enjoy it

Play: "Red Garden" Deadly Premonition Fan Game

I can't wait until the Deadly Premonition Directors cut releases.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I made a Deadly Premonition fan game

 Allo! For the past week I have been working on a really small Deadly Premonition fan game. I just finished working on it today. Not really sure what it was that triggered me to create a Deadly premonition fan game, I kind of just started working on it randomly and putting things together. But no debut about it, "Deadly Premonition" (also known as "Red Seeds Profile") is one of my favorite games every made with such and amazing story. I made this fan game to celebrate the awsomeness that is Deadly Premonition.

Hopefully I will have the game up tomorrow, its finished, I just need to edit a couple of small things in the scripts really quick.

but until then, I have some screen shots:
(Take note, this is not the greatest looking game, I worked on it really fast and a lot of things especially the 3d models look really cheap and crappy) :)

As for my other project "KokohGear Meal", I worked on it a little bit and posted some updates in my dev thread on the unity forums here:

Dev Thread

I still haven't started creating the actual levels for that game, development has been going really slow, I think its going to be even slower for a while especially since I spent about a week creating my Deadly Premonition fan game.