Thursday, November 22, 2012

Quick_Wings Unity3d Multiplayer game project

Hi everyone!
Just yesterday I started working on new game project in Untiy3d. This project is going to be a little bit different from my other projects. Its a game called "Quick_Wings" and its going to be my first multiplayer game project ever. As I said, I started working on this project yesterday and my goal is to have it finished by tomorrow. I am rapidly developing it.

Of course its just going to be a simple 2 player game though, however it's turning out really good I think for something done in a short time period.

Here is the very first screen shot of the game:

Maybe in a couple hours or so I will put up a video showing gameplay (depending on how far I get to today.)

Game Features:
  -The gameplay will be somewhat similar to tag.
  -One player will play as an Alien type character and the other player will play as a turkey (yes a turkey)
 -Each character has a special trait.(See below for more info on gameplay and characters)
-Its not an online multiplayer game, it will just be a simple Split screen 2 player game.
-One match consists of 3 rounds.
- After the timer runs out the players switch positions. (turkey player switches to alien, alien player switches to turkey)
 -The game will have 3 different levels to choose from.

Gameplay and characters
As I said, the game will play somewhat like tag. The alien player will be the tagger(Offense). The person playing as the alien can shoot "ghost balls" at the other  player to tag them.

The person playing as a turkey will be the person to tag (defense). The goal of the turkey player is
to avoid the tagger until time runs out. The turkey cannot shoot anything, however, unlike the alien
player, the turkey has the ability to jump over obstacles.

Current progress on the game:
+ Finished all the models, levels, assets today.
+ Almost finished working on Alien player (In terms of script logic)
+Currently building the main gameplay logic (score system, switching positions after a round ends, length of one round, ammo system for Alien player)

Anyway, that is about all for now. Going to try and finish this project by sometime tomorrow. I will add some gameplay videos or maybe new screenshots later!

Have a good Thanksgiving! :)