Sunday, March 29, 2015

Release: "Don't Explode"

     Just as promised yesterday. My newest mobile game "Don't Explode" is now available on the Google Play Store! 

Download it for free on your Android phone or tablet over here: "Don't Explode"

Price: Free
Platform(s): Android/Mobile

Description: "Control a traveling bomb that can explode at any second. Pick up timers to stay alive. How far can you go before time runs out and you explode into a pile of flowers?"



It's been  a fun month developing this on the weekends. Really proud of this release! I hope everyone enjoys it. Be sure to rate/comment. I would love to hear feedback from anyone who plays my new game! 

Whats next? Time to create more games of course! :)

More soon! Happy Sunday!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

My next game: "Don't Explode"

     At the beginning of the month (March) I announced that I have plans to develop a number of small mini games for mobile platforms. My previous post "Snowconesolid Minis" explains these plans. Also I mentioned that I have been working on a new small game for Android platforms. I posted a couple of  early dev screens but never really went into detail. I have been posting to twitter daily as I developed this as well but once again never really explained much about the game. Today I would like to finally share info about the game.

As you can tell by the title of this post and the image above, the name of my next game is:

"Don't Explode"

An endless game about controlling a traveling bomb that can explode at any second. The goal of the game is about how far you can go and how long you can survive before time runs out.


Platforms: Android

Release Date: 3/29/2015 
(Just as promised earlier, I did say I was going to have a new release by the end of this month) :)

That's about all I have for now. My new game is finished and will be available tomorrow for free to download off the Google Play Store. So I will definitely be posting updates here on the blog tomorrow as well. "Don't Explode" will be my first release of 2015 and I am very excited to get it out there for everyone to play. Thanks for reading and more updates coming soon!

Game Trailer is up

Monday, March 2, 2015

Snowconesolid Minis

     A while back I had a number of small game ideas I wanted to create especially for mobile platforms. Over the past couple weekends I have been creating a new small mini game for Android devices in my free time. To keep this post short, i'll just cut to the point and not wright an entire novel like I usually do.

Anyway, I have plans for a number of small fun mini/micro games that I want to develop over a short period of time. Instead of spending months and months developing these 3rd person styled complicated adventure games like I usually do and as much as I love creating these types of games, I want to focus on much smaller scaled, fun simple games that I can create in a much shorter development time span.

As I mentioned above, I have been working on a small game project for Android over the weekends. I have been posting development screens on my twitter (I know, I should really start updating my blog more often)

Dev Screens:
Of course these are not from the final game. This is all mostly prototype stuff. But I like to share progress anyway and think that a blog post needs some images instead of being a wall of text.

I'll share more details about this project in a later blog post but for now here is some basic information about the game:

1.) It will be a game for mobile devices (Android platform)
2.) It will be an endless/infinite game (Actually, my first endless/infinite game project ever!)
3.) It will be a fun cool dynamic game with physics, amazing graphics and awesome controls!
4.) It's a game with flowers and bombs. 
5.) It will be my first Unity Pro created game project (Thats a big one! I better do this right.)
6.) I plan on finishing and releasing this game to the Google PlayStore sometime this month (March 2015) therefore, this game will be my first release of 2015! whoooooooo hoooooooo

Also, you can check out a playable prototype demo I made a couple weeks ago on the webplayers page or right over here. It's a pretty simple demo. A lot has changed since I made this prototype. The idea was just to try and create the logic behind an endless styled game (which was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be). That was the entire goal of creating the prototype in the link above. Once I got that down I started to just continue working off it and now my new project is near complete. 

I look forward sharing more progress on my upcoming small game project soon in future post. I also already have plans for what games I will create once I finish up this one and get it out the door. These next few months are going to be very exciting!