Welcome to the games section! Over here you can check out all of my finished game projects that I created over time from when I first started game dev back in 2010 to where I am today. Each time I fully complete a new game project I will update/add it to this section. So be sure to check out this section every once in a while.

"Giraffe Town" (Steam Windows) 
Released: 10/2/2018
Steam Store Page
Blog post announcement

A giraffe born with slippery feet sets out to find love...

"Potato Thriller Steamed Potato Edition" (Steam Windows) 
Released: 6/22/2016

Steam store page
One Year Anniversary post! (June 22nd, 2017)
Blog release page and thank you note

A special edition version of Potato Thriller released for Steam. Includes exclusive content only for Steam as a thank you for the Steam community for voting for it and helping the game get green-lit. :)

"Potato Thriller" (Windows, Mac, Android) 
Released: 4/1/2016 Game Page
GameJolt gamepage
Android Version: Potato Thriller Portable

Known for deep frying his victims, Potato Man is the most notorious serial killer out there.

Blog release page

"Slippery Ice Ball" (Android) 
Released: 11/17/2015
Google Play Download

You play as a slippery ball of ice lost in an icy cave maze. Collect pears to survive. Don't bump into the walls or else you loose. 

"Super Rubber Duck" (Android) 
Released: 5/16/2015
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Release Page
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Play as a rubber duck toy wearing a red cape. Jump through various challenging restrooms and avoid getting hit by angry spiky flying soap bars! How far can you travel? How many restrooms will you clear? A simple single touch endless mobile game!

"The Zelda Within" (Windows, Mac) 
Released: 5/1/2015
Release Page  GameJolt Page  IndieDB Page

"The Zelda Within" will leave you confused, cold, hungry and possibly rage quitting. Can you handle what lies within the "Inn"?

A fan made zelda game project created in one month for a zelda themed game jam. A strange horror/mystery/adventure experience inspired by popular horror game "The Evil Within"

"Don't Explode" (Android) 
Released: 3/29/2015
Release Page

Control a traveling bomb that can explode at any second. Pick up timers to stay alive. How far can you go before time runs out and you explode into a pile of flowers?

"Hello" Project (Webplayer, Android) 
Released: 9/8/2014

 Release Page

A simple small weekend project I did. Explore a small colorful city with trees and chirping birds and spell out the word "Hello"......

 Ice Cream Aliens! (Webplayer, Android) 
Released: 10/10/2014 (Android Port)
Originally Released: 8/24/2014 (LD30 Entry)
Game Release Page - Google Play
LD30 Blog Post

A challenging puzzle platformer game without any jumping! Meet aliens and get the ice cream at the end.
This was my entry for Ludum Dare 30. My first LD entry ever. Entire game created in less than 48 hours.

Beach Ball Shooter Version 1.0 (Webplayer, Android) 
Released: 7/13/2014
Game Release Page

 "Beach Ball Shooter" is a game about shooting beach balls and collecting rubber ducks...

A short simple game featuring 13 mini levels. 

 Hide-n-Seek Winter (Windows, Mac, Linux and Webplayer) 
Released: 3/6/2014
 Game Download Page

"Hide-n-Seek Winter" is a toon styled adventure/puzzle/platformer game and my first game release of 2014.  After your sister gets kidnapped by a demon who is known as the king of hide and seek, you adventure off into an alternate dimension world that is known as the "Infinite Snow World". A world with never ending snow fall and the home of the demon.

 Forest Soup (Windows, Mac, Linux and Webplayer) 
Released: 10/31/2013
 Game Download Page

"Forest Soup" is a short unique horror game about skydiving down to a dark place called "Black Cloud Island". There is many strange happenings at this island. Armed with only a shotgun, Oliver Olivetree adventures to this island in search of the ingredients for the legendary forest soup!

Welcome to the Blog (web/blog exclusive) 
Released: 5/19/2013
 Play Here
A very short platforming game that welcomes people to my blog and introduces them. Its literally only about 2-5 mins long. Its not ment to be a big game project but just a very small, short simple one. This game is made exclusively for my blog only and can be played right here on the blog in the welcome page. Click the "Play here" link or the tab that says "Welcome!"

Revolver Finger! (Android game) 
Released: 2/9/2013
check out the release page for it here:
Revolver Finger Release Page. A very weird game where you look for a mysterious package. This is my very first android game project. It is available on the Google Play store for free and can be downloaded here: Google Play: Revolver Finger

Quick_Wings (Web/ Multiplayer) 
Released: 11/24/12
 Quick_Wings release page

 A simple 2 player split screen game created with Unity3d. Features 3 different levels, and tag like gameplay. Play as a ghost ball shooting alien or a turkey who must survive! Remember to play with a friend to.

Almond-Hill (PC) 
Released: 10/28/12
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 A short horror game about rescuing your cat named "Almond" from a tree located in the haunted town of Almond-Hill. Play as Felix, the owner of the cat and explore the small town in search of ways to bring Almond down from the tree. This was my second feature on IndieGames as well. Featured as "Freeware Horror Pick" (Feature)

Moonlight Mountains : First Discovery (PC/ Web) 
Released: 8/19/12

A "Rescue the princess" story done differently. Play as Commander Moonlight and climb various mountains collecting the ship pods which hold parts to a moon-shuttle that have been dropped to earth by the Moonlight princess.

Freedom Space! (Web)
Released: 7/15/12

Freedom Space! is a game created in 72 hours for the Arabic gamejam known as gamezanga. It works very similar to the Ludum Dare competition, a theme is voted and developers are given a short period of time to develop a game. The theme that was voted is "Freedom". So games should be created based on that subject.

KokohGear: Meal! (Web)
Released: 6/27/12

KokohGear: Meal is my first ever true full game project. Its a action/puzzle/platforming game about a bear who sets out on a journey to find food before the winter arrives. Through your journey solve puzzles, chop things down and use unique vehicles to reach the goals. Also this was featured on :)

Red Garden : A Deadly Premonition fangame (Web)
Released: 5/16/12

this is a very simple and short fan game I made for fun. Its based off of the game Deadly Premonition/ Red seeds profile (a personal favorite of mine). The game consist of three short levels where you play as the Raincoat killer. Fans of the game will be familiar with the references from the actual game such as the red seeds and Thomas's biscuits!

Kokoh Trails: Leonardo's Memory (Episode One) - (Abandoned project) (Web)
Released: 3/16/12


My very first attempt at creating my first original unity game project. When I was making this I still was new to unity and scripting and even 3d modeling. So, I really didn't know what I was doing at this point. Of course I had some idea and some knowledge but was still a beginner, or I guess you can say noob. I was trying to do too much with this game and I wasn't ready to take on the challenges. However, I am very proud of the results and it was a great learning experience for me that really let me start thinking more like a game developer. So, this project was a starting point for building up a new perspective; a new mind set I suppose. Anyway, players take on the role of Leonardo, a pirate who has been washed up on an island and lost all his memories. The game's story was suppose to play out like this; the further the player gets in the game the more memory Leonardo regains. It says Episode one and that episode two would be coming soon. Originally I was planning on releasing each part of the game separately in episodes. The first episode ends after the first boss fight. However, there won't be anymore episodes to this game. I have it listed in this section because technically it is a complete game project. What I mean is the first episode is finished  and each episode is considered its own separately released project. It might be an abandoned project now however, it is also an experience that let me move on, continue learning/ improving and create many other game projects plus more.