Sunday, August 19, 2012

Moonlight Mountains Released!

hi everyone. Its the 19th of August so that means its time to release Moonlight Mountains :)
Sorry it's a little late in the day, I was planning on releasing it earlier.

anyway I put up a Webplayer version and a PC version. The entire game free.

I recommend downloading the PC version for better quality and your ability to change the screen size.
I hope you enjoy Moonlight Mountains First Discovery :)

PC version (Windows) : Download

Webplayer Version : Kongregate Link

Update: (Choosing levels and Mouse Cursor) Just to avoid a possible common problem, when selecting a level make sure that you can see the mouse cursor. The mouse cursor locks and hides itself as soon as you click anywhere on the screen, when you are selecting a level or going to save your game, make sure to show the mouse cursor again so you can click on things. To enable the mouse cursor press the M key or the escape key. Remember, the mouse cursor is only important when at the menu selector (the place to choose which mountain to go to or save/ load game) when in an actual mountain it is ok to let the mouse cursor lock and hide itself.