Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Update - Its been a while.

Allo there again. It has been a while since my last blog post. I don't really have as much time anymore to work on my game because school opened back up again. I started this project over winter break, so I have been able to work on it as long as I wanted to, but now I don't really have as much free time. However! I shall make sure this game is finished! I will not let this project die out.

I have updated the game a little bit since my last blog post, but only added some small things.
So here is just some new small updates on my game along with some new screenshots. I hope you enjoy!

I have added an awsome GUI or HUD to my game.

Up in the top left corner of the screen where it says "Leonardo", is going to be the health bar. Also at the bottom right and left of the screen is the HUD for camera control and player movement. Besides basic GUI stuff in the game, I also wanted to put something that would tell the player where they are in the game, so in the top right of the screen is the players Current Location. In each level the Current location tells you which island you are in. So just some simple GUI stuff.

Also in the picture, if you look near the red house, you can see a character wearing purple. This is a new character that I made. This characters name is Keshko, Keshko is one of the residents of the island.

Another small feature added is the use of signs. Yep a very basic element in all games. Just walk up to a sign and read what it says, the sign will tell you whats ahead or whos house that is.

So nothing to exciting at the moment, but I believe that my game is getting better and better. :)

There is one thing I did not mention, today I actually created the very first boss in my game. I just finished modeling, texturing, rigging and animating it a couple minuets ago.
I didn't want to post anything about this boss because I wanted it to be a surprise, but I guess ill go ahead and reveal it now anyway.

so here it is everyone, the very first boss you battle in my game!

The name of this boss is going to be "KokohCreep".
Description, a creepy Kokohnut type creature that resides on Kehkoh Island.
Do not steal its kokohnuts.

Here is a short video of KokohCreep in movement. So far he only has one animation, which is a creepy walk animation. I'm not sure if I will give him more animations later on.

More updates coming soon. Thanks for reading. :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Update - Finished the house level

     Just a quick update, I just finished the house level 100% and now its ready to be put into place after the introduction level. The house level is the very first real level where the game starts off. It is a very small and simple level. I wasn't expecting to make a very big script, but I ended up having to write this huge script in order to do everything I wanted to do in that level. I spent a lot more time than I was expecting but its finally finished and i'm very happy with the end results.  And now I am finally ready to begin working on the level after the house level, which is the island. About 75 % of the island level is already finished I would say. Thats stuff like the level design, the 3d models, the animations, and everything is placed where it is needed to be placed. 
So now I just need to work on more of the scripting parts for the game and set the order of when events will happen and such.
I also still need to work on other things like GUI, more 2d images for things like character interactions, and other basic things like a health system. More updates soon! :) 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Update Current Progress (First part of game, Cutscenes, and some more info on story)

I am almost finished working on the very first part of my game.
I have just finished working on the opening for the beginning of the the game yesterday and now I'm working on the starting point of the game, which is inside of Leonardo's house.

Screen Shot of inside Leonardo's House

All the cut scenes I am making in the game are hand drawn comic book styled.I will tell the story through these 2d cutscenes and leave the gameplay 3d. So it is similar to MGS peace walker for example, 2d comic book cutscenes and then 3d gameplay.

Here is a screen shot of one of the very first cutscene images.

This screen shot is part of the opening of the game.
 The opening of the game will explain Leonardo's arrival on the island a bit more.

The background image on my blog is also from the opening cutscene in my game :)
You will learn more about that character(The one holding the coconuts) later on.

Whats next?
I still need to work on more gameplay, more scripts, some more 3d modeling/texturing/animating and GUI as well as more 2d images for cutscenes.
More updates coming soon in the future.

Hopefully I will have a trailer up soon once I finish the first part of my game.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just finished designing the very first level of my game!!! (Screens)

     Finally after days and days of 3d modeling, texturing, rigging and animating I have finally finished designing the very first level of my game. I have created a whole Island. You will learn more about this island in the future. I am still not going to be getting into to much details about my game yet because I really want the game to be a surprise.

But I cannot resist! I need to just talk a little about it! Before I do, I have decided to post two screen shots of my game. So finally here is the first appearance of my game.

There it is! well some of it at least. Ok now let me talk about the screen shots and reveal some information about the game. In the screenshots that is not the whole island, that part of the game is only part of the island. The Island is actually much much bigger.

More info on the island in the future, for now lets discuss the characters in the screenshots. First the bird like creature. When I was designing the island I really wanted my own creatures to be in it, so I decided to create a bird type creature.

I have named this bird creature a "Kokohgear"
I named it Kokohgear because of its gear shaped tail. This birds most distinctive feature is the tail and as you can see I made the tail look very gear shaped. (I was just randomly 3d modeling and somehow ended up giving it a gear shaped tail)

These birds are very friendly harmless creatures and are very common on the island you start off on, they inhibit it.

The character in the yellow shirt standing with all the kokohgear is actually the main character for the game.
I have named him "Leonardo" ( I don't know why)
Leonardo lives on this island and has a story.
I don't want to say what the story is about, but throughout the game Leonardo is on a quest that is not related to the story, but at the same time as the player goes through this off topic quest, Leonardo begins to uncover the truth.

Non of this is probably making any sense, but I will reveal more in the future. For now I still have a lot of work to do.

oh yeah and about the style of the game. By now you can tell its going to be a 3d game, but nothing fancy like uncharted or skyrim or anything. I am creating low poly models because I just prefer the way low poly models look, they are just better overall because not many people have powerful enough pcs (and the fact that Im not even good at high poly modeling)

but anyway the style of my game is going to be very N64 like. The N64 was my favorite gaming system of all time.

My plan is trying to make it like a Modern Day N64 game. Not the best graphics, but I am really liking the way its turning out.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Working on my first Original Game

     Allo everyone! It has been a while since my last blog post and that is because I have been working on my very first original game. I have been developing everything from scratch, 3d models, enviorment, 2d images, animations, story, etc.

I have already made the main character and a lot of other parts of the game, but this is all for the beginning of the game. So the game is still in very early development stages. I really want to show some of my progress, but at the moment I think I will wait until I get a good amount of the game finished. As for the story, I have had an idea for the story in my head a long time ago and finally I can put it together through unity game engine.
I don't want to say anything about the story right now, but I will later on in the future.

As for the game itself, I am really putting in a lot of effort into this game and actually really trying to make a good quality 3d game. I'm not working on some cheesy iphone app or anything. I am trying to make a full out computer game.

One of my main goals is to create a really awsome story line that people will really like. So I'm really working hard on the story itself and the characters. I want both the story and characters to be memorable.

As for the gameplay, I want to make gameplay that is fun and doesn't get old. I want the game to be enjoyed from the beginning to the end. I am trying to make up an awsome zelda type gameplay mixed with other forms of gameplay. Another one of my goals is to make this game decent length, I'm not trying to make a game that people can beat in 10 minuets. Also i'm not going to rush this game and just slap a bunch of things together.
I will take as much time as I need until I think the game is good enough. :)

So for now I don't want to say anything about the game, but there will be a good amount of updates on it in the future. Also, hopefully I will  try and get a demo out there once I get further into development.