Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just finished designing the very first level of my game!!! (Screens)

     Finally after days and days of 3d modeling, texturing, rigging and animating I have finally finished designing the very first level of my game. I have created a whole Island. You will learn more about this island in the future. I am still not going to be getting into to much details about my game yet because I really want the game to be a surprise.

But I cannot resist! I need to just talk a little about it! Before I do, I have decided to post two screen shots of my game. So finally here is the first appearance of my game.

There it is! well some of it at least. Ok now let me talk about the screen shots and reveal some information about the game. In the screenshots that is not the whole island, that part of the game is only part of the island. The Island is actually much much bigger.

More info on the island in the future, for now lets discuss the characters in the screenshots. First the bird like creature. When I was designing the island I really wanted my own creatures to be in it, so I decided to create a bird type creature.

I have named this bird creature a "Kokohgear"
I named it Kokohgear because of its gear shaped tail. This birds most distinctive feature is the tail and as you can see I made the tail look very gear shaped. (I was just randomly 3d modeling and somehow ended up giving it a gear shaped tail)

These birds are very friendly harmless creatures and are very common on the island you start off on, they inhibit it.

The character in the yellow shirt standing with all the kokohgear is actually the main character for the game.
I have named him "Leonardo" ( I don't know why)
Leonardo lives on this island and has a story.
I don't want to say what the story is about, but throughout the game Leonardo is on a quest that is not related to the story, but at the same time as the player goes through this off topic quest, Leonardo begins to uncover the truth.

Non of this is probably making any sense, but I will reveal more in the future. For now I still have a lot of work to do.

oh yeah and about the style of the game. By now you can tell its going to be a 3d game, but nothing fancy like uncharted or skyrim or anything. I am creating low poly models because I just prefer the way low poly models look, they are just better overall because not many people have powerful enough pcs (and the fact that Im not even good at high poly modeling)

but anyway the style of my game is going to be very N64 like. The N64 was my favorite gaming system of all time.

My plan is trying to make it like a Modern Day N64 game. Not the best graphics, but I am really liking the way its turning out.