Saturday, January 14, 2012

Update - Finished the house level

     Just a quick update, I just finished the house level 100% and now its ready to be put into place after the introduction level. The house level is the very first real level where the game starts off. It is a very small and simple level. I wasn't expecting to make a very big script, but I ended up having to write this huge script in order to do everything I wanted to do in that level. I spent a lot more time than I was expecting but its finally finished and i'm very happy with the end results.  And now I am finally ready to begin working on the level after the house level, which is the island. About 75 % of the island level is already finished I would say. Thats stuff like the level design, the 3d models, the animations, and everything is placed where it is needed to be placed. 
So now I just need to work on more of the scripting parts for the game and set the order of when events will happen and such.
I also still need to work on other things like GUI, more 2d images for things like character interactions, and other basic things like a health system. More updates soon! :)