Thursday, January 12, 2012

Update Current Progress (First part of game, Cutscenes, and some more info on story)

I am almost finished working on the very first part of my game.
I have just finished working on the opening for the beginning of the the game yesterday and now I'm working on the starting point of the game, which is inside of Leonardo's house.

Screen Shot of inside Leonardo's House

All the cut scenes I am making in the game are hand drawn comic book styled.I will tell the story through these 2d cutscenes and leave the gameplay 3d. So it is similar to MGS peace walker for example, 2d comic book cutscenes and then 3d gameplay.

Here is a screen shot of one of the very first cutscene images.

This screen shot is part of the opening of the game.
 The opening of the game will explain Leonardo's arrival on the island a bit more.

The background image on my blog is also from the opening cutscene in my game :)
You will learn more about that character(The one holding the coconuts) later on.

Whats next?
I still need to work on more gameplay, more scripts, some more 3d modeling/texturing/animating and GUI as well as more 2d images for cutscenes.
More updates coming soon in the future.

Hopefully I will have a trailer up soon once I finish the first part of my game.