Thursday, March 31, 2016

Potato Thriller Releases Tomorrow (April 1st, 2016)

I mentioned in a previous announcement that the game was near complete and my estimated release date was going to be at the end of March. March is over now and I never released the game. I was running through the game one last time to clean up any missed bugs and so on.

Anyway, the game is fully completed now and ready to be released. I plan on releasing this game sometime tomorrow, April 1st, 2016. Probably sometime in the afternoon. It will become available over at and maybe other indie gaming sites in the future.

What bout steam brah?

This game hasn't even been up for a full month yet on Steam so it might be awhile before it gets green-lit. I have a finished game and I want to get it out, so I am not exactly waiting for it to be green-lit before I release it. If it does get green-lit down the road that would be awesome. Thank you to all of you who have voted Yes for this game and are interested in it. In the future maybe Potato Thriller will make the Greenlight. Until then, the game will be available on other sites. I will keep you all updated if that happens.

More updates soon.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Estimated release date? This Month.

Hello everyone. Wanted to post a quick update for the game. I am currently finalizing "Potato Thriller"  Putting the last bits together and everything and then doing a quick polish job. Currently, I am aiming on finishing and having the entire game released before the end of this month.

As of this post, my game hasn't even been posted to Steam Greenlight for a full month. You might be thinking "He just recently posted this and now he is saying that it is almost complete?".

Actually, I have been working on this game since October 2015. So it has been a couple months. Although it is a pretty silly, random game horror game that many people might not take seriously - I did actually put in a lot of work into creating this. This isn't a game that I just did overnight. Anyway, I wanted to wait until I had just the right amount completed before I posted it to Steam.

I posted this game to Steam Greenlight on March 6th (my birthday). Obviously it still did not get greenlit. Of course I wasn't expecting it to get greenlit in one month. This is my first time posting something to steam and I did read prior that it could take a while for games to get greenlit on steam and in some cases even years. I read about this one developer who said that after about 4 or so years, he finally was informed that his game was greenlit and ready to get published on Steam. And I get it. I understand that the process can take a while. New games are posted to Steam daily. Deciding what gets Greenlit and what does not is probably a very time consuming process.

Anyway, since I am nearly complete with this project, my goal is to have the entire game finished and released before the end of this month. No estimated release date yet but, definitely sometime before the end of March. Greenlit on Steam or not. I will have this game finished and released real soon. While we wait for the Greenlight on Steam, I will have the game available (once completed) on sites like and maybe a couple others. I'll get more into this later on when I am preparing for release.

Anyway, this is all for now. Thanks for reading. Thank you for those of you who have voted for the game so far on Steam and more updates coming soon. Real soon. Peace.

If interested (and this will probably be the last time I post this link) go vote for the game on steam over here:

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Potato Thriller Final Trailer

Hey everyone.  First of all, I wanna say thanks to all those who voted for "Potato Thriller" on steam so far. Thank you all for your support.

The trailer I had up on the potato thriller STEAM  page is pretty outdated. I made that trailer when the game was still early in development. Now that so much as changed and so many new things have been added to the game I thought it would be a good idea to create an updated game trailer to give a little preview of what can be expected in the final game.

Here is the newest and final trailer for "Potato Thriller" Enjoy!

If you are interested in silly horror games and want to see this game become available on STEAM then please go hit that YES button and help it get the GREENLIGHT over here:

Thanks once again for the support everyone. More updates coming soon.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Happy Birthday to me! Potato Thriller Posted to Steam.

     Hey everyone. Today is my 23rd birthday! Woooooooo hooooooo! (No one cares..) Anyway, to celebrate my birthday, I decided to finally post Potato Thriller to steam. This is the very first time I post anything to Steam so I am very excited about it.

 I am still working on the game and need more time to finish it. My goal is to finish the entire game by the end of the month. In the mean time, please go check out the game on Steam over here:

STEAM - Potato Thriller

If you are interested in the game please help support it by voting for it on the steam page. Lets try and get the GreenLight for Potato Thriller.

More updates will be coming soon. I will try and get a new trailer out sometime. Thanks everyone for checking it out and have an awesome week!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lana The Lemon

     Everyone. This is Lana the Lemon. My most recent 3d character and probably one of my personal favorites yet. I have not updated the artwork section here on my blog in a while. As a matter of fact that section is kind of outdated now as I have created many new characters and 3d stuff over time and have greatly improved. I just never felt like spending much time on updating that section as often anymore. Maybe I will eventually get around to that.

Anyway, I felt the need to post about this new character because of how weird it turned out. Something about this character that is very unique and completely different from any other character I have ever made. Not trying to brag about my work, I just really like this character.

Lana the Lemon will also be a new character in my upcoming horror game "Potato Thriller". Expect to encounter this hideous looking creature/lemon/beast soon.

The above image is the final model. But here is a quick breakdown of the model.

Modeling the character was easy. The challenging part was doing the texture work. I also ran into some issues with the rig for the character.

Wire frame:

Base Colors:

Ambient Occlusion: 

Detail Texturing/ Normal Map: (The eye lashes look terrible here)

Character Rigged and exported to the Unity Engine:

More updates soon. Thanks for reading.