Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lana The Lemon

     Everyone. This is Lana the Lemon. My most recent 3d character and probably one of my personal favorites yet. I have not updated the artwork section here on my blog in a while. As a matter of fact that section is kind of outdated now as I have created many new characters and 3d stuff over time and have greatly improved. I just never felt like spending much time on updating that section as often anymore. Maybe I will eventually get around to that.

Anyway, I felt the need to post about this new character because of how weird it turned out. Something about this character that is very unique and completely different from any other character I have ever made. Not trying to brag about my work, I just really like this character.

Lana the Lemon will also be a new character in my upcoming horror game "Potato Thriller". Expect to encounter this hideous looking creature/lemon/beast soon.

The above image is the final model. But here is a quick breakdown of the model.

Modeling the character was easy. The challenging part was doing the texture work. I also ran into some issues with the rig for the character.

Wire frame:

Base Colors:

Ambient Occlusion: 

Detail Texturing/ Normal Map: (The eye lashes look terrible here)

Character Rigged and exported to the Unity Engine:

More updates soon. Thanks for reading.