3D Artwork

     This is the section where I post all of my 3d artwork that I think is good enough to post. This section will serve as my blogs own art gallery. If you have seen me around the web somewhere before or have visited my deviant art page you might know that I already have hundreds of works of art up. Some are good and others not so much. This 3D artwork section here will be different. As I said earlier, I will only post my best works of art in this section, such as final renders or just some of my original characters for example. I literally post pretty much everything art related on my deviantart page so it is very disorganized and has mixed results of good art and bad. So with this section I can keep things much more managed. And this section varies a lot. At times I might keep updating it daily and other times I might not. It depends on what I am doing at that current time. But I hope to turn this section into a nice sized gallery with cool stuff to look at as time goes by. Hope you enjoy my artwork and any feedback is always welcome!

If you want to see any of my other artwork that I did not include in this section check out my deviant art page Over Here

Final Renders:

Title: Super Rubber Ducks!
Date finished: 4/7/2015
Short description: Unity render of my rubber ducks asset package. (Get it here)

Title: Jelly Space James
Date finished: 1/12/2015
Short description: Render of James and Jellies (two of my newer cartoony characters)

Title: Jack-O-Lanterns Light
Date finished: 10/18/2014
short description: Created this for the Play Store Listing for my "Jack-O-Lantern 3D" app for Android. 

Title: Onion Ducks!
Date finished: 8/11/2014
short description: A render I created for my simple character named "Onion Duck". This is promotional artwork for an "Onion Ducks" game for Android I am going to make as well. 

Title: Purple...
Date finished: 3/22/2014
short description: Using the character models and some of the props I created for my toon game "Hide-n-Seek Winter", I decided to create a colorful scene. On the left is red while on the right is blue, put those colors together and you get purple. Created entirely with Blender and rendered in cycles engine. 

Title: Frosty Blue
Date finished: 3/18/2014
short description: This is the banner created for my game "Hide-n-Seek Winter". I made this banner to display on my games profile on Desura and IndieDB. Created with blender, rendered with blender internal using toon shading and the freestyle settings. 

Title: Hide-n-Seek Winter Box shot
Date finished: 3/17/2014
short description: This is the boxshot/ box art I created for my toon game "Hide-n-Seek Winter". This box art was created for my game profile on Desura and IndieDB Created with Blender and rendered with Blender internal using toon shading and the freestyle settings.


Title: Forest Virus Outbreak
Date finished: 12/9/2013
short description: This started as a quick speed sculpt and ended up being a full rendered image. I think this may be one of my favorite works of art yet. I made up the character randomly as I sculpted and soon ended up with this gas mask looking character.  After an infectious virus outbreak in the forest. Created entirely with Blender and rendered with cycles then finalized in gimp.

Title: Quick Play Session
Date finished: 11/10/2013
short description: We all do it. We take out our phones when we are on the bus, waiting in line or just have a short amount of free time. We  have a short quick play session of anything that is easy to start up and play for a couple seconds then put back down. I often find myself starting "Jetpack Joyride" up on my phone when I am in these situations to just let the time pass. I decided to re-create the popular endless runner mobile game in 3d. I had a lot of fun creating this and rendering out a nice quality image of "Barry Steakfries" actually not running and playing on his own phone. For those interested, I also uploaded a complete turntable of my Barry model here on my youtube. Youtube-Barry Model Turntable

Title: Which Pipe?
Date finished: 11/3/2013
short description: Quick Super Mario fan art I made inspired by "Super Mario 3d Land" for the 3DS. I grew up playing the Mario games since the NES and still love them to this day. As a gamer, the Mario games will always have a special place in my heart. Made entirely with Blender, rendered in cycles. 

Title: Red-Apple
Date finished: 9/2/2013
short description: Red Apple is a very rotten and sinister machine. It has a mind of its own and does not hesitate to attack. It's origin is unknown. This was my entry for create a robot contest from BlenderCookie. see more details about the contest here.  

Title: Freshly Baked Almond Cookies!
Date finished: 6/19/2013
short description: A render created for my horror game "Almond-Hill : Silent Meow" featuring my original character "Grams Coffeebean". Grams has just finished baking her famous delicious almond cookies! These cookies are not just the towns favorite treat but also Almond's (the cat) favorite as well.

Title: Searching For Almond
Date finished: 6/11/2013
short description: A render created for my horror game "Almond-Hill : Silent Meow" featuring my original character "Leon Coffeebean" and his truck holding a flashlight searching for the lost cat named Almond.

Title: Sleepy Midnight Mushroom Forest
Date finished: 5/18/2013
short description: Sleepy Snowcone is on another late night adventure in the sleepy midnight mushroom forest. Created with Blender3d.

Title: Snowconesolid Productions
Date finished: 5/1/2013
short description: Render of my official mascot creature thing in a desert environment. Created with Blender3d

Title: MewTwo
Date finished: 4/18/2013
short description: Pokemon fan art of MewTwo. Created entirely in Blender3d

Title: Mew
Date finished: 4/15/2013
short description: Pokemon fan art of Mew. Created entirely in Blender3d

Other 3D Stuff:

Colorful Jack-O-Lanterns
Created: 10/13/2014

Created: 10/13/2014


Original Characters:

Character Name: Lulu
Date Finished: 4/11/2015
Short description: Lulu is the character I made for the Female Link Game Jam contest. Pink hair is back!

Character Name: James
Date Finished: 1/11/2015
Short description: James. My first character of the 2015 year. Just like Jelly Guy, James is also a simple cartoony character. James is out of fuel and lost in space...

Character Name: Jelly Guy
Date Finished: 12/31/2014
Short description: One of my simplest character models ever created. Also, the last character model I created in the year 2014. 

Character Name: Jack the Joker
Date Finished: 10/24/2014
Short description: Colorful Joker character with no real purpose...

Character Name: Hello Guy
Date Finished: 9/7/2014
Short description: Simple character used in my "Hello" project.

Character Name: Onion Duck
Date Finished: 8/11/2014
Short description: A strange Onion like duck character....

Character Name: Bag Face
Date Finished: 7/25/2014
Short description: A strange character who works in a grocery store. Bag Face wears a paper bag on his head daily and his true face is unknown. This is the main character I created for one of my game projects called "Bag Face Grocery Store"

Character Name: Big Zero
Date Finished: 6/9/2014
Short description: A killer-whale type humanoid creature with a big zero mark on its stomach. This was going to be an enemy you encounter in my game project called "Escape Ocean Zero". After going a different direction with the game this character ended up not being used...

Character Name: The Beach Ball Shooter
Date Finished: 5/2/2014
Short description: The main character for my strange ocean/beach game titled "Escape Ocean Zero". He hangs out at the beach daily and carries a toy looking gun around that shoots beach balls...

Character Name: DaHoop
Date Finished: 4/23/2014
Short description: DaHoop is a legendary basketball player that never lost a single 1 on 1 game before. He is called DaHoop because he literally is in control of the basketball hoop when on the playing field. This was a quick low poly character I made. Only 3448 tris. Check out the full "Making of" over here. Try the web demo over here

Character Name: Snowconesolid Crazy Cats!
Date Finished: 4/16/2014
Short description: A pack of colorful and cartoony low poly crazy cats! This was a character I did for fun and as a personal exercise. My goal was to create a variety of the same character. Check out the full post and the different cats over here. You can also try out the web demo over here

Character Name: The Snowconesolid Fanboy
Date Finished: 4/12/2014
Short description: The Snowconesolid Fanboy character is a huge fan of "Snowconesolid Games". This character was a quick practice character I made for fun to exercise my poly modeling techniques and time management. So mainly the main purpose was to create a character in a really short amount of time because often I find that I spend to much time on character models. The main purpose of this character was to see how quickly I could model, texture, rig and animate a full character model efficiently and save time. Total it took a little bit over 2 hours to do do everything.

Character Name: The Flower Boy
Date Finished: 4/6/2014
Short description: The Flower Boy was once a seed who was planted in some soft soil during an apocalyptic time. After 16 years in the soil, the flower boy has finally grown out of the ground and is seeing the world for the first time. However, he came into a post apocalyptic world. Everything is destroyed and there isn't a single sign of life around. Check out the complete making of the flower boy Here.

Character Name: The Hiding Demon
Date Finished: 1/17/2014
Short description: The hiding demon is a very toony, stylized demon type character with a lot of personality. He is known as the king of the game hide and seek because he cleverly hides in various areas when playing. He doesn't like fish because he had a bad childhood experience while on a fishing trip with his father. He can perform various tricks such as grow or shrink his body parts such as his head or hands.The hiding demon lives in the "Infinite snow world" (where the game takes place) and is the main villain of  my short toon game "Hide-n-Seek Winter".

Character Name: Midnight Pillow
Date Finished: 1/1/2014
Short description: Midnight Pillow is an alien from the moon. Not much else is known about this character. This started as a quick doodle I sketched on paper. Then I decided to model it and Midnight pillow is the results.

Character Name: Nxgen Alien
Date Finished: 12/20/2013
Short description: This character model is a pretty revolutionary one for me personally. It shows how far I have come in character modeling and how much I have improved. I put a lot of work into this model. It is one of my most realistic looking game models yet. My previous ones have more of a toony style, while this one has more of a pseudo realistic style. After I created this model I was so happy with the results I started to say this is "Next gen Snowconesolid art" because it is such a major step up from my previous game character models. That is how this character got his name "Nxgen Alien"

Character Name: Frosty
Date Finished: 1/19/2014
Short description:  Frosty is Choco's younger sister found in my toon game "Hide-n-Seek Winter". I took my Choco character model and redesigned him to look like a girl. After modifying Choco into a female character this model "Frosty" was the results. Frosty is an adventurous girl. Hide and seek is her favorite game to play with her older brother Choco.

Character Name: Choco
Date Finished: 11/17/2013
Short description:  The main character in my toon game project  titled "Hide-n-Seek Winter" (working title). Choco is the older brother of Frosty (see above character). He has his own bike and wields a large frozen fish on his adventure. He uses his heavy frozen fish to break ice and frozen objects.

Character Name:Oliver OliveTree
Date Finished: 10/2/2013
Short description:  A character created for my short horror game project "Forest Soup". Oliver is the main character in Forest soup. He can skydive and has a magical inflatable hat. He travels the skies on his magical flying creature named Fogo.

Character Name: Stank
Date Finished: 9/27/2013
Short description:  A character created for my horror game project "Almond-Hill : Silent Meow". Stank is another character you meet early on in the game. He is the owner of a place called "Stank's Gas", the one and only gas station in all of Almond-Hill.

Character Name: Drunk Guy
Date Finished: 9/24/2013
Short description:  A character created for my horror game project "Almond-Hill : Silent Meow". Drunk guy is a character you meet early on in the game. He is literally just a drunk guy. You eventually learn his real name as the story progresses.

Character Name: Feeding Demon
Date Finished: 9/12/2013
Short description:  A character created for my horror game project "Almond-Hill : Silent Meow". This demon has a very important purpose in the town of Almond-Hill.

Character Name: Patrol Doll
Date Finished: 9/7/2013
Short description:  A character created for my horror game project "Almond-Hill : Silent Meow". The patrol Doll is one of the early enemies you encounter in the game. You cannot defeat her. The only thing to do is avoid her by sneaking past. There is usually more than one patrol doll in the area. if you are seen by one you will be sent to the "feeding room" where you will have ten seconds to find an exit or else the beast will devour you. In the game, the patrol doll shoots out a yellow beam from her eyes to represent her line of sight. Be sure to avoid this line of sight.

Character Name: Special Detective Pekoe Tea Leaf
Date Finished: 8/9/2013
Short description:  Detective Pekoe is a character for my horror game "Almond-Hill : Silent Meow".  He might not be the best agent for this job but he has style and gets things done. The Agency did not give Detective pekoe a handgun because he has terrible aiming and failed the target shooting test. But all in all, he is a good at what he does. Also, he prefers tea over coffee. And I thought it would be cool to have a character with cool light blue hair... (description updated : 9/27/2013)

Character Name: The Almond Strangler
Date Finished: 7/30/2013
Short description:  The main killer/villain/ badguy in my horror game "Almond-Hill : Silent Meow". This character appears wearing a green hat and robe. His face is hidden behind a wooden mask with sharp teeth. The Almond Strangler forces his victims to stare directly into his haunting mask as he strangles the life out of them. Sometimes has a psychotic personality. This character is very styalized and may not appear scary, but my aim was not to create this gross scary character. It was to create a more cool/sly type of villain that can still overpower the player. After making many changes to the game, I decided to take this character out of the project entirely as I didn't see he fit well in it. (Update 9/27/2013)

Character Name: Dim-Light (previously known as Type-B ghost)
Date Finished: 6/24/2013
Short description: One of the types of ghosts encountered in my horror game "Almond-Hill : Silent Meow". Dim-Light appears with chains all over his body and carrying a lantern. His dim orange lifeless eyes carry a sadness behind them. Due to the changes I made to the game, this character was not included in the final game (Description updated as of 8/6/2013)

Character Name: Almond-Ghost
Date Finished: 6/21/2013
Short description: One of the types of ghost Leon encounters while on his search for Almond the cat in my horror game "Almond-Hill : Silent Meow". The Almond ghost (also known as Type-A ghost) is one of the first ghosts that appears. This ghost is common and appear often in the forest and cemetery. The almond ghost is easy to catch and does not require any special traps. I later decided that this character will be taken out of the game due to the changes I decided to make for Almond-Hill : Silent Meow. (Description updated on 8/6/2013)

Character Name: Almond the cat
Date Finished: 6/10/2013
Short description: Almond is one of the most important characters in the horror game "Almond-Hill : Silent Meow". This is the missing cat that Leon must look for. Grams is the owner of this cat. Almond is very special and different than other cats as he can walk on two legs like a human and also dance. Also, unlike most cats, Almond is completely silent and cannot make "meow" sounds.

Character Name: Grams Coffeebean
Date Finished: 6/7/2013
Short description: Grams Coffeebean is the grandmother of Leon Coffeebean. She lives in the haunted town of Almond hill and owns a special cat named Almond. She tells Leon to come over to Almond hill to help her search for Almond the cat as he has suddenly gone missing. She is unaware of the happenings in the town she lives in because she stays at home all the time. Another key character in my horror game "Almond-Hill : Silent Meow"

Character Name: Leon Coffeebean
Date Finished: 5/24/2013
Short description: Leon Coffeebean is asked to go to the haunted town of Almond hill to search for a lost cat. He carries a flashlight around, can drive cars and explores various areas. A playable character for my horror game "Almond-Hill : Silent Meow" He serves an important part to the storyline of the game.

Character Name: Snowconesolid Fighter
Date Finished: 5/17/2013
Short description: A tough and serious stylized character. This one is a personal favorite of mine. This character was also greatly inspired by characters from the metal gear solid series such as Raiden and Liquid.
This character is seen as a bad guy because he gets paid by various restaurant owners to "beat up" the competition. This character has not appeared in any of my game projects yet.

Character Name: Sleepy Snowcone
Date Finished: 5/7/2013
Short description: A stylized character that adventures in his bed time pajamas. This character often carries a shotgun around (not shown in image) and ventures into the night. I have not used this character in any of my game projects yet.

Character Name: Toshi
Date Finished: 4/22/2013
Short description: Toshi, a simple stylized character. You play as this character in my small Welcome game found on the "Welcome" section of the blog or in the "Games" section.