Saturday, October 18, 2014

Release: Jack-O-Lantern 3D App

 Hey everyone. Today I released my "Jack-O-Lantern 3D" app! If you remember in my last blog post I mentioned I was working on 3d jackolantern app and I even showed a little preview. It is finally finished and available now on the Google Play store 

The app features a high quality 3d Jack-O-Lantern that really lights up + other features. I created two different versions of the app. A free version and a pro version. The free version has limited features and the pro version has full features.

Jack-O-Lantern 3D is the perfect app for getting into the Fall spirit! Don't have Halloween decorations at your home? You don't need them! With my Jack-O-Lantern 3D app you will instantly feel the atmosphere of the Fall season! 

Screen shots:

Both versions available on the play store now.
Get it here:

Jack-O-Lantern 3D Pro

Jack-O-Lantern 3D Free

 This is my first ever Non-Game app release. Jack-O-Lantern 3D is a interactive 3d novelty/toy app that gives users their very own jack-O-lantern. My goal was to create a high quality well polished 3d interactive Jack-O-Lantern app for Android devices. I gave myself a one week time frame to create the app from scratch from start to finish. I created everything from 3d models, graphics, touch controls, mechanics, to the app icons, user interface (UI), etc. I really wanted to deliver a well polished app that looks both visually appealing and professionally done. This was a great project for me to take on and I think it shows how far I have come as a developer. I had a lot of fun creating this and am really proud of the final results. I look forward to creating more apps similar to this and aim to deliver the same quality and polish with my future apps and games. Thanks for reading and I hope you check it out.

Enjoy. Have a great weekend!