Saturday, November 23, 2013

New seceret game project in the works.

     Im back again!   
The title says it all folks. I am working on a new game project. I have been for the past two weeks actually. Of course, the game is still in its very very early development stages and there is not really much to show at the moment. However, I did already create a couple of important game assets for my new project such as the main character which I will be revealing in time of course.

For now, my new game project will remain a secret until I have more of it finished. Well, it's not really a secret anymore because now you know I am working on something new. If you have seen me on the unity forums or follow my tweets on twitter you might have also noticed a bunch of screenshots I posted of very early development images from my new project.  Such as this one,

and many more. What you see in the above screenshot is from one of the prototype levels I created. So nothing in it is final. I hope it gives you a good idea of what to expect though. I'll be aiming for fresh gameplay and a nice art style with this new project as it will be one of my most polished games ever.

I can't wait to reveal details about my new project and show off some screenshots from the levels in the final game. I might even have a teaser trailer out later on. Very excited about my new game project and I'm looking forward to revealing it in the future.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Forest Soup now available on Kongregate

     Hello again everyone!
As you know I released my game "Forest Soup" a couple days ago on Halloween for Windows, Mac and Linux. Since the Unity game engine is so good at deploying games across multiple platforms, I decided to also release a webplayer version of "Forest Soup". I have put the game up on Kongregate and now "Forest Soup" can be played directly in your web browser. No download required. This is good for anyone who has been wanting to play the game but for some reason could not download it.

You can play Forest Soup on kongregate HERE

There is a few things I want to say though. I still recommend downloading the game for your target platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) instead of playing the kongregate version. I say this because those versions have slightly better quality and a few other differences like the main menu and other small things. I had to make changes to the webplayer version because kongregate only allows 20mb max file size for game uploads and Forest Soup was around 30mb. So I had to reduce the graphics a bit and make a couple of changes in order to reduce the size of the game down to 19.9mb. It is still the same game as the downloadable versions and nothing major or important was changed or taken out but you will notice a few small differences in the webplayer version I have on kongregate such as graphics and menus, etc. Things I already mentioned.

So there you go. "Forest Soup" really is available for everyone now. Its now on Windows, Mac, Linux and webplayer. I guess I can say this is my first real multiplatform game. :)

Whats next?
Now I am truly done with Forest Soup. What I mean by that is, this is my final post/update about this game. Forest Soup has been my project for the past month. I finished it. I released it. I went back and released an updated version and now I am releasing it on webplayer. It has been really fun and I think my best game project yet. So now I guess its time to just let this game exists online on its own and time for me to move onto my next game ideas and projects. I thank you all for checking out "Forest Soup" and stay tuned for my future games.

see you later. :)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Forest Soup Version 2 released! Bug Fixes

     Hello again! Hope everybody had a great Halloween last night.
So yesterday was my big release day for my latest horror game project "Forest Soup" and everything was going good until people actually played the game. It turns out that there was a very annoying bug that made the players constantly trip and fall on their faces over and over again. This made the entire game nearly unplayable and also very un-enjoyable.

The tripping is something that I actually left in the game purposefully at first because I thought it would be funny to have the player trip and fall down randomly every once in a while when they played through the game. And when I was testing the game the character did not trip as frequently as he did in the final game. He would trip occasionally every once in a while. In the final game however it seems like there was a bug that was triggering the player to trip all the time and this made the game very annoying and just not playable.

So anyway, I am here to fix that issue. The tripping was my fault and I would of left it out of the game if I knew it was going to cause all these issues.

After getting feedback and learning what a pain this bug was I went back in and fixed it and now there is no more tripping. So everyone I bring you Forest Soup Version 2 which is 100% tripping free. So if you have already downloaded the game and tried playing it and experienced this issue I hope you give my game another chance and try out the improved version. :)


Forest Soup - Windows - V2

Forest Soup - Mac - V2

Forest Soup - Linux - V2

BugFixes Include:
   +No more tripping/ falling on your face bug!
   +New improved camera for skydiving level so its easier to see whats below you and where to go.

Once again sorry for the bugs in the previous release and I hope you find this new fixed version to be more enjoyable. Thank you for your time.