Saturday, November 24, 2012

Released Quick_Wings Unity Multiplayer game!

Hey everyone. In the last post I said I was working on a simple 2 player game. Today I finally finished it and its ready to play! My original goal was to build it withing a time period of 3 days however I didn't have the time to work on it for hours straight. So I ended up finishing it today (which is day 4 of my time period) Still not bad timing :)

Anyway, this is my first multiplayer game ever created and I think it turned out pretty good. In my last post I mentioned what features I was going to implement into the game as well as the type of gameplay. However, these have changed in the final build.

 -Split screen 2 player action
 -Three different levels to play from.
 -Each match is 1 min. long
 -Tag like gameplay
 -Awsome music provided by NoSoapRadio

How to play and rules of the game.
   The gameplay is similar to tag. One player will play as a character that must go after the other player and the other player must avoid the player going after them.

There are two different characters. An alien character (Offense) and a turkey player (Defense).

The Alien Character:
 -The person who plays as an Alien must hunt down the turkey player by shooting them with "Ghost Balls".
This player can only win by destroying the turkey. The Alien player has a maximum of 10 shots. In order to win the Alien character must shoot the turkey at least 5 times. However, if the Alien player runs out of ammo or time the turkey player will be the winner.

The Turkey player:
 -The person who plays as the turkey must simply just avoid getting hit by the alien player. In order to win, the turkey player must survive until time runs out or until the alien player runs out of ammo.

     -Turkey player: Move with W, A, S, D
     - Alien player Move with arrow keys and shoot with space bar
     -To return to the menu hit the M key

Play the game HERE

Anyway, thats about it. Hope you enjoy this simple 2 player game.

Play with a friend!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Quick_Wings Unity3d Multiplayer game project

Hi everyone!
Just yesterday I started working on new game project in Untiy3d. This project is going to be a little bit different from my other projects. Its a game called "Quick_Wings" and its going to be my first multiplayer game project ever. As I said, I started working on this project yesterday and my goal is to have it finished by tomorrow. I am rapidly developing it.

Of course its just going to be a simple 2 player game though, however it's turning out really good I think for something done in a short time period.

Here is the very first screen shot of the game:

Maybe in a couple hours or so I will put up a video showing gameplay (depending on how far I get to today.)

Game Features:
  -The gameplay will be somewhat similar to tag.
  -One player will play as an Alien type character and the other player will play as a turkey (yes a turkey)
 -Each character has a special trait.(See below for more info on gameplay and characters)
-Its not an online multiplayer game, it will just be a simple Split screen 2 player game.
-One match consists of 3 rounds.
- After the timer runs out the players switch positions. (turkey player switches to alien, alien player switches to turkey)
 -The game will have 3 different levels to choose from.

Gameplay and characters
As I said, the game will play somewhat like tag. The alien player will be the tagger(Offense). The person playing as the alien can shoot "ghost balls" at the other  player to tag them.

The person playing as a turkey will be the person to tag (defense). The goal of the turkey player is
to avoid the tagger until time runs out. The turkey cannot shoot anything, however, unlike the alien
player, the turkey has the ability to jump over obstacles.

Current progress on the game:
+ Finished all the models, levels, assets today.
+ Almost finished working on Alien player (In terms of script logic)
+Currently building the main gameplay logic (score system, switching positions after a round ends, length of one round, ammo system for Alien player)

Anyway, that is about all for now. Going to try and finish this project by sometime tomorrow. I will add some gameplay videos or maybe new screenshots later!

Have a good Thanksgiving! :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cool infographic about Nintendo's success!

    Hey everyone sorry for the lack of updates on the blog. I have been a bit busy.  Anyway, today lets talk Nintendo!

A couple days ago I was emailed by Emily Torres, one of the contributors of about this really awsome infographic they put together about Nintendo and the company's success. The infographic is really well done and has a lot of interesting information about Nintendo that not to many people would know about. For all you Nintendo fans out there, video game researchers or gamers in general I highly recommend checking it out.

See it here : Nintendo Infographic

Also check out the other infographics they have up on the blog section.

 Anyway thats about all for today. Soon I will have some new posts about a new game project Im going to work on and other unity stuff to. I look forward to it.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Almond-Hill on IndieGames and maybe more horror game projects in the future

The other day Almond-Hill was featured on as the freeware horror pick!
I just want to thank the people at indie games for the feature and Danny Cowan for posting the news about it. 

Also, I wasn't expecting this, but surprisingly Almond-Hill is my most popular game yet (well according to the stats google blogger gives me at least). So I just wanted to thank everyone who has played Almond-Hill or at least tried it. I know there are a couple of bugs with it and its not the greatest looking in terms of graphics either. But it was just a project released for fun. Actually, in a earlier post I said this project (Almond-Hill)  would be more of an experimental project attempt for me. So I was just playing around and experimenting with the different ways to create a horror game. Also I wanted to have it finished and released before the end of October for Halloween. I had a lot of fun making this one and in the future I  am planning on working on more horror type games, but a more serious attempt and a more polished up horror game. For now though I will work on improving my game development skills.

Anyway, thats all for now. Thanks once again.
you can check out Almond-Hill on the indie games website over here Almond-Hill On