That Creature?


     Oh yeah, and about that purple cat-like creature thing you see everywhere. You know that one. (The creature you see above). You may have wondered "What the heck is that?"

That creature is my official mascot/logo/icon/symbol. Every developer, company or artists needs someway for people to identify who they are right? You might of seen it before if you have ever seen some of my posts on a different site or right here on my blog, in my video trailers or played any of my games or apps. Its just something I made up when I first started game dev. I have been putting it in all my works since. I have put one in every single game project of mine and will always do so. I do this so people can identify my work and if they see it they can tell that Snowconesolid (me, Samer Khatib) created this. This creature is my identity. It is my signature.

Through-out time I have redesigned this creature a few times. The one you see in the above image is the final one but for fun here is how it looked before.

This is the one that appeared in all of my early projects. This is the first one I ever created in 3d years back when I was still learning 3d modeling and computer graphics.

That creature did not start out as a 3d model though. I had the idea for it earlier before modeling it. This is how it looked the very first time when I came up with it. I was still learning how to use unity engine and blender3d when I drew this. And I drew it completely randomly just using whatever colors where in front of me at that time. So that explains why it has the colors you see. Anyway, at that moment after I drew this very odd creature, I looked at it and then said to myself, "this is going to represent my games/apps from now on".
Also, this is not my greatest hand drawing either as you might be able to tell. As I said, I drew this years back when I first started learning development and computer graphics. I never marked a date on this but maybe sometime around the end of 2010 I think?
I know what your thinking. "wow that looks terrible" and you are right but as I said earlier, it has evolved throughout time and became better. It is symbolic in a way. I feel that it kind of represents me in a some way. Throughout time, I have also evolved and became better as a developer and artist. This creature, the Snowconesolid Mascot, my mascot, my creation, my idea; this character of mine has a very special place in my heart and means a lot to me. It is the only character that I created that has made appearances in all of my projects. It is the only character that stayed with me throughout my journey to become a game developer, app developer and CG artist. This character will  be the first thing users will see whenever they launch one of my games or apps. It will greet you as soon as you start.

Its a silly story but I just thought I would put this section up for fun and give a little background story about that creature of mine.

The "Snowconesolid Mascot " is probably one of the most important things in all of my projects...