Sunday, October 28, 2012

Almond-Hill out now!

Hello everyone! Finally it is time to release my short horror game "Almond-Hill" (of course it is free play as well). Just in time to. Halloween is approaching. Anyway, here is the download link Please follow the instructions below after downloading.

This is the standalone pc version.

     1.) After downloading the Almond Hill rar file, right click and extract the files.

     2.) After extracting, there should be two things, a folder that says FinalBuildAlmondHill and
     a icon with a white and red box with a blue background. To launch the game double click the icon.

   3.) After you click, a window named Angrybots configuration will pop up. (Its named Angry bots because instead of creating a new project I built the game in the same project folder called Angry bots). In that window you can change the screen size, graphics quality, etc. Just hit Play to start the game.

NOTE: It is highly recommended to set the Screen resolution to 640 X 480 and uncheck the Windowed button (to play the game in full screen).

I say this because there is a slight problem with the GUI if you change the screen size. In the game there is a Messages section that is a GUI dialog box, if you change the screen resolution the message box will move out of place and sometimes go directly in the middle of the screen making it hard for the player to see. For the game to work the way its suppose to without any problems make sure to set the screen resolution to 640 X 480 as mentioned above.

Anyway, that's' all for now. I hope you enjoy the game and have a happy Halloween!

EDIT: Big thanks to indie games for featuring Almond-Hill as the "Freeware Horror Pick". This is the second time one of my games is featured there. Check it out here Almond-Hill on indiegames

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Almond-Hill will release tomorrow(Oct 28)

     Just a quick small update about my horror game "Almond-Hill". I was suppose to release it today, that was the plan. However I ran into a couple of issues. Anyway, instead I will release Almond-Hill tomorrow.
So for sure I will have it up by then.

Thanks and sorry for the delay. I look forward to the release :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Almond-Hill Trailer

Hi everyone, just finished uploading the trailer for my small horror game project "Almond-Hill". Its a game about rescuing your cat from a tree located in the haunted town of Almond-Hill.

I am almost finished with the game. It will release sometime before the end of October. More soon :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Almond-Hill will be a Horror game (news and more info)

Hello again everyone. In my last blog post I mentioned that I was working on a new small game project called "Almond-Hill". I didn't really have much to say about it at the time but now I have done a lot more work on the game and have some information.

The game is not much of a puzzle game anymore. At first that is what I was trying to go for but as I put it together I started experimenting with different things. So I decided that this will be a mini horror game and with Halloween right around the corner why not make a horror game? I myself am a fan of horror games and always enjoyed seeing how different developers set up the atmosphere and mood in those types of games. Hopefully with some experience playing horror games I can create a decent horror game of my own. This project is somewhat inspired off of the game "Silent Hill : Shattered Memories". I would have to say that its coming together pretty well for my first attempt at a horror game. The majority of the game is complete, there is still a couple of other things I need to implement but hopefully it will be finished pretty early.

Anyway here are some screen shots!

Story: The game has a very simple story line, because as mentioned before, it is a small game project and won't take much time at all to complete. The story is about a cat named "Almond" that gets stuck in a tree. You play as Felix (the owner of Almond the cat) and explore the tiny town of Almond-Hill to find a way to rescue your cat from the tree.

Game features:
  For this game I tried adding a couple of cool features. For example you can play the game entirely in third person mode or first person mode (which ever one you prefer). Also I added this other feature and it is a messaging system. This one is very important to the game because it allows the game to communicate with the player. You can see in the screenshots above the black box where it says messages. This device acts somewhat like a in game phone that receives various text messages. Its nothing to fancy but just something to try out and maybe further improve in future game projects.
Thats all for now, I look forward to releasing this one soon. :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

New (small) game project - Almond Hill

     Hi everyone (if there is anyone here) its been a long time since I posted anything here. I haven't worked on anything in a while so a couple weeks back I started working on a really small game project. I named it "Almond Hill" (you will find out why in a future blog post very soon). Its going to be a short puzzle game that lets you explore a tiny village/town I have created that has different things. Also you will be able to go inside all of the buildings/houses on the map because I designed the insides of them as well. Here are some screenshots I posted a couple days ago when I was still putting the town together.

Screen shot of the interior of one of the houses

And here is a screen of the character you will play as. I named him Felix (randomly decided to name him that)
At first I was trying to make a more serious character but resulted in a more toony/anime like character.

Anyway like I said earlier this is just a small project I am putting together quickly. The main reason I made this was just to practice creating better 3d game environments and level design.

I will probably release it very soon.