Monday, January 27, 2014

"Hide-n-Seek Winter" Coming Soon!

So, here is what I have been working on since mid November 2013:

As you see by the above title and teaser trailer, I would like to announce "Hide-n-Seek Winter". A toon game project I have been creating for a good period of time. Also known as the "secret game" I kept posting screenshots of on the unity forums and on my twitter.

I have been wanting to reveal this project for a while now and today I finally will. So lets get into the details of "Hide-n-Seek Winter"!

Story: Choco and his little sister Frosty are playing outside in the snow when suddenly an approaching car looses control of its breaks and crashes into the two kids. After being run over by the speeding vehicle, Choco suddenly finds himself standing in front of his house. Choco then receives a letter from his little sister Frosty. The letter asks Choco to search for his little sister because they are now playing "Hide and Seek", Frosty's favorite game.

This will be a short game that tells the story about a brother and his sister. 

Genre: Action/Adventure/Puzzle/Platformer
(with a mystery)

Style: Toon/Cel-shaded


Choco: Main character of the game. Frosty's big brother.

Frosty: Choco's younger sister. Hide and seek is her favorite game to play.

In-game Screenshots:


Platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux. (I might consider porting it to Android down the road, probably sometime after I originally release it on the mentioned platforms above.)

As always, I am working on this game solo. I am making it with the Unity game engine, Unity Playmaker, and Blender3d just like all my previous projects. (my favorite tools of course).

So there you go. "Hide-n-Seek Winter" is my next game release coming real soon. It will be my first release of 2014.  I'll admit I have been working on it on and off. However, I am very motivated to finish it. Im very close to finishing it. As you could tell, I worked on it a lot before even revealing it. I plan on finishing and releasing it sometime in early February (which is sometime during this coming month. We are already near the end of January!)

My goal when I first started this project was to create an appealing "toon" graphic styled game. So far I think I have done a great job (of course I am biased towards my own work but hey, what indie dev isn't? :). Also, I am trying to tell a unique story through this game with very little dialog from the beginning of the game to the end. So that is another goal I am trying to achieve with this project.

As always, this will be another major step up in my games compared to my previous projects. I am working hard on this project and definitely working on it with a more serious approach, a more planned out approach then my past projects. I am aiming to deliver a well polished and good quality game. I am really excited about this one and hope you are too. I look forward to finishing it and releasing it and adding it to my list of completed game projects.

Stay tuned because more updates are coming down the road!

SideNote: I will probably start my own dev thread in the work in progress section of the unity forums real soon where I will post smaller updates more frequently than here on my blog. So you will also be able to check out my progress over there.

Thanks for reading. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Heres an update!

     Well everyone, I know its a bit late but here it is. My first blog post of 2014! This isn't going to be a really big blog post or anything but I just feel like I should post an update because it feels like I have been away for a while. So in case anyone was thinking that I abandoned this place, I am still here. I do apologize for the lack of updates though.

Anyway, in the last blog post I made in 2013 I was talking about my plans for this year (2014) and so on. I said that this year, I hope to release some of my greatest most polished games yet. It pretty much became my new years resolution and that is what I am sticking to doing. I mentioned that I planned on working on two different graphically styled games. A toon/cel shaded game and then a more realistic style game. I don't want to get into too much details and make this a really long winded blog post so for now I want to just give an update on the game project I have been working on since November 2013 and that is my toon game project.

I keep calling this my "secret game project" and I often post screenshots from development on the unity forums or on my twitter and that's pretty much it. I announced it in November and really did not give out much details or anything about it since other than a couple of screenshots and whatnot. I was actually planning on finally revealing details about the project sometime during last week but then somethings came up and I really haven't worked on it as much as I liked to.

However, I have been working on it little by little and its coming together really nicely. I do plan on finally revealing it sometime during this week and I will even try to get up a little short trailer or something. The reason I have been holding back so long to reveal the game is because I really wanted to complete working on a good portion of the game before showing anything, at least like half of it. And I am a solo developer so it's a lot of work but like I said, its coming together. In the end it just makes more sense to create a good portion of the game before officially announcing it because you never know your plans down the road. I say this from previous experiences.

So anyway, stay tuned because I do plan on finally revealing the game sometime this week. For now here is some development screenshots I posted earlier on my twitter and on the unity forums. You might have seen them already but here they are again in case you missed them. More soon!

Thanks for reading and see you later!