Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hide-n-Seek winter on IndieDB + Artwork

 Hey everyone.
Just want to say that my latest game "Hide-n-Seek Winter" is now also up on the IndieDB website.

Check it out over here:
Hide-n-Seek Winter On IndieDB

The game is also going to be published on Desura's website sometime (hopefully real soon). I will post another update over here on the blog when it is available to play on Desura.

I have also updated my "3d artwork" page on the blog and added some new artwork I recently created for my hide n seek winter game.

Here is my latest render I created with Blender and rendered with cycles.

For more check out my 3D Artwork page

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hide-n-Seek Winter on Kongregate, Wooglie and Gamejolt

     Hello once again everyone. I have been posting a lot of news since I first released my latest game 
"Hide-n-Seek Winter" a couple days ago (on March 6th). In my previous post I released a webplayer version of the game so that you could play it directly in your web browser. I decided to take my webplayer version further and make it available to play for free on other sites as well.

Hide-n-Seek Winter is now available to play on:


Three major third party sites for online web games. You could play it now by going to one of the above links. Or next time you visit one of those sites be sure to check out "Hide-n-Seek Winter", rate and comment what you thought about it.

For further info about the game check out its release page over here: Release page

Monday, March 10, 2014

"Hide-n-Seek Winter" now available on Webplayer!

     Hey everybody. Four days ago (March 6th) I released my latest game "Hide-n-Seek Winter". A unique toon adventure game I created about a boy who ventures off to the world of infinite snow in search of his little sister who has been kidnapped by a demon known as "The King of Hide and Seek".

I released the game for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Today, "Hide-n-Seek Winter" is available for a fourth platform. I just released a webplayer version of the game. Now you can play "Hide-n-Seek Winter" directly in your web browser, no download required at all. This version of the game is the best because it plays in the same resolution for everyone which fixes a GUI problem that was in the standalone versions of the game.

Just like the Windows, Mac and Linux versions, this version is also 100% free to play, no ads or in game purchases or anything like that.

You can play it here at the link below: 

Hide-n-Seek Winter (Web Version)

Anyway, I hope you check out my new game and give it a try. I would love to hear feedback on what you thought of it!

If you are looking for a downloadable version of the game for Windows, Mac or Linux platforms you can grab it here from the "Hide-n-Seek Winter" release page: Release Page

The release page has also been updated with this webplayer version of the game as well for future reference.

Thats all for now. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hide-n-Seek Winter Released! (Birthday Release!)

     It's finally here everyone! After over three months of work I finally finished my newest game project, "Hide-n-Seek Winter". A unique toon/cel-shaded adventure,action,puzzle game that takes place in a world that never stops snowing. Today is a special release day because it is also my 21st birthday (woooooo!).

I started this project almost immediately after I released "Forest Soup" (my short Halloween game release of 2013) and since then I have been posting updates about it. I had originally planned on finishing and releasing this game before the end of 2013 but then I started to make many changes to the game as I developed it and that led it to take even longer to make. If you have seen my very early updates of this game you can see the difference. I have scrapped levels, re-textured all of my game models and just changed a lot of things. It was frustrating at times but for the most part it was a smooth development process. Out of all my games so far, I have to say that this one was my biggest and most serious one yet. It was definitely a challenge to create this one especially since I created all the assets from scratch, but its finally complete. I am very proud of this specific game project. I believe that this is a major step up compared to my other games and is my most polished game yet. Gameplay mechanics, graphics and overall gamedesign have all improved with this game project. It took a lot of hard work and time to create this but it was well worth it and I feel like I have become a better game developer for it. This is my first game release of 2014 and I can't wait to start working on my next game projects! Ok that's enough bragging for now. Lets just get to the game! :)

To get you a bit more interested in this game if your not already here is the newest trailer I created for it. Enjoy! Download links to game down below.

Hide-n-Seek Winter Release Trailer:

(for those of you who want to know what this game is even about)
     After playing a game of hide and seek, little sister Frosty compliments her big brother Choco by telling him that he is the greatest hide and seek player ever. After saying this, the "Hiding Demon" suddenly appears and refuses to believe that choco is the greatest hide and seek player ever. The hiding demon then kidnaps Choco's little sister and disappears. The hiding demon tells Choco to meet him at the frozen pond in the "Infinite Snow World", a strange alternate dimension world where it snows forever. In order for Choco to rescue his little sister, he must defeat the hiding demon in a game of hide and seek.

-Is it Free? 
     Of course it is silly! Like all my previous games, this game, "Hide-n-Seek Winter" is 100% free to download and play. No ads, no in game purchases or anything. Just my awsome toon game :)
-What can I play your game on?
     The game is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. (It may become available for other platforms such as webplayer and android devices if I decide to port it sometime. I will most likely release a webplayer later on for sure though. As for android, I am interested in porting to that device. If I see enough people are interested in it then I will probably also port it to android to)

-I encountered a problem or found a bug in your game while playing
     No matter how polished a game is a bug is bound to pop up somewhere. Even though I tested this game many times with no problem you might run into a bug on rare occasions. If you do please let me know. Leave a comment or send me a message telling me about it so I can work on patching it up.

Downloads Section:

-Download Instructions:
     (1) Select the download link for your platform (Windows, Mac, Linux)
     (2) Save the .Rar file and let the game download
     (3) Extract the .rar file you just downloaded
     (4) Click the game icon to start the game up and play.

-Game Download Links: (Direct Download links from me)

     Hide-n-Seek Winter - Windows Version  <<Download Link

  Hide-n-Seek Winter - Mac Version  << Download Link

  Hide-n-Seek Winter - Linux Version  <<Download Link

I will keep this section of the blog updated for any future updates about this game like new platform releases, bug fixes, releases to third party websites, etc.

Ok thats all for now everyone. I hope you enjoy my newest game and look forward to my next games coming soon. I am really looking forward to my future game projects that I have planned!

UPDATE: March 10th, 2014
Now available to play directly in your web browser!

"Hide-n-Seek Winter" now available on Webplayer.
Now you can play the game directly in your web browser online, no download required!

Play it here: Hide-n-Seek Winter (Web version)

Veiw full webplayer blog post update here: Hide-n-Seek Winter For web browsers

UPDATE: March 13th, 2014
Now Available on Wooglie, Gamejolt and Kongregate!

"Hide-n-Seek Winter" is now available to play on Wooglie, Gamejolt and Kongregate. Three major third party sites for online web games.

Play here:

Veiw full post about third party site support here: now on multiple sites!

UPDATE: March 23rd, 2014
Hide-n-Seek Winter now available on IndieDB + New Artwork

"Hide-n-Seek Winter" is now available on the IndieDB website to download, play, review and comment on. This is the fourth site Hide-n-Seek winter has been published on. Check it out over here:

Hide-n-Seek Winter on IndieDB 

I have also recently created some new artwork for the game with. Check it out in the "3D Artwork" section of the blog over here:

3D artwork 

View the full original blog post about this update over here

UPDATE: April 11th, 2014
Hide-n-Seek Winter Available on Desura!

  As of today "Hide-n-Seek Winter" is now published on Desura's website and available for all Desura users to play!

Check it out here: 

Hide-n-Seek Winter on Desura (Link)

This is my very first game ever accepted and published on Desura.

View the orignal blog post for this update over here

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Hide-n-Seek Winter" is finally finished, Releases tomorrow!

      Wow, I can't believe we are already in March! Sorry for the lack of updates here. There was nothing really else for me to show, or I guess I didn't really want to show any more screens or anything because I have been spending the rest of time since my last post finishing up the game, adding a little extra polish, working out some features I forgot to add like a save system, etc.

So I haven't updated in a couple days but I have been working on it non-stop. Or whenever I had a chance to.

As you might know from my previous updates, I originally planned on releasing this game early February and then that eventually led to releasing it at the end of February, and I promised to release it before the end of February. But as usual, things never go as planned. I had run into some issues, I needed to add some extra features and I needed to work on the final game. Also, I haven't had as much free time to work on this project for the past couple days because of life and other non game dev stuff. So I decided I needed a little extra time, just a little, to really finalize my game because there is no point in releasing a broken or unfinished game right?

Anyway, I have good news. Finally, after taking the extra time I needed, I finally finished the game. It feels great! This has been probably my biggest and most serious game project yet and I ran into a lot of frustration while building it, for the most part it was smooth though. But finally, its done and I feel really good about it.

you see? Preparing the final builds as we speak. :)

So its done, when are you going to release it?

Actually in a couple of hours. I will release the game March 6th (Tomorrow) sometime in the afternoon or so. Like my previous projects, I am releasing this 100% free. It will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Why don't you just release it now if its done?

I'm going to do some final test to make sure everything is working right, (even though I know it is since I tested so many times in frustration) but I have to double check. Also, the main reason I decided to release it tomorrow is because tomorrow is also my birthday (going to be 21, starting to feel old mold). So I want to give you guys a present on my birthday. :)

Ok thats all I have for now. I am really excited and looking forward to finally releasing my new toon game. I will probably post a couple of updates frequently with other stuff up until I release it tomorrow. So stay tuned!

(In case you are wondering, yes this is the update I just posted in my works in progress thread on the unity forums here: Link) So I copied and pasted my own update. But this is an important update for my game so I decided to post here on the blog as well.

I am really looking forward to releasing my game tomorrow! see you soon!