Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Hide-n-Seek Winter" is finally finished, Releases tomorrow!

      Wow, I can't believe we are already in March! Sorry for the lack of updates here. There was nothing really else for me to show, or I guess I didn't really want to show any more screens or anything because I have been spending the rest of time since my last post finishing up the game, adding a little extra polish, working out some features I forgot to add like a save system, etc.

So I haven't updated in a couple days but I have been working on it non-stop. Or whenever I had a chance to.

As you might know from my previous updates, I originally planned on releasing this game early February and then that eventually led to releasing it at the end of February, and I promised to release it before the end of February. But as usual, things never go as planned. I had run into some issues, I needed to add some extra features and I needed to work on the final game. Also, I haven't had as much free time to work on this project for the past couple days because of life and other non game dev stuff. So I decided I needed a little extra time, just a little, to really finalize my game because there is no point in releasing a broken or unfinished game right?

Anyway, I have good news. Finally, after taking the extra time I needed, I finally finished the game. It feels great! This has been probably my biggest and most serious game project yet and I ran into a lot of frustration while building it, for the most part it was smooth though. But finally, its done and I feel really good about it.

you see? Preparing the final builds as we speak. :)

So its done, when are you going to release it?

Actually in a couple of hours. I will release the game March 6th (Tomorrow) sometime in the afternoon or so. Like my previous projects, I am releasing this 100% free. It will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Why don't you just release it now if its done?

I'm going to do some final test to make sure everything is working right, (even though I know it is since I tested so many times in frustration) but I have to double check. Also, the main reason I decided to release it tomorrow is because tomorrow is also my birthday (going to be 21, starting to feel old mold). So I want to give you guys a present on my birthday. :)

Ok thats all I have for now. I am really excited and looking forward to finally releasing my new toon game. I will probably post a couple of updates frequently with other stuff up until I release it tomorrow. So stay tuned!

(In case you are wondering, yes this is the update I just posted in my works in progress thread on the unity forums here: Link) So I copied and pasted my own update. But this is an important update for my game so I decided to post here on the blog as well.

I am really looking forward to releasing my game tomorrow! see you soon!