Monday, February 17, 2014

Hide-n-Seek winter changes + new character

Hey everyone.

So last week I posted an update here on the blog for my short upcoming toon game project "Hide-n-Seek Winter". I said that I was wrapping up the game and that was going to be the final week of development for it. Now here we are the week after and I am not finished like I planned I was going to be. Last week I was literally working on the final level of the game and I should of been done by now. So why it the game not finished you ask? Well, while working on the final level I had some new ideas pop up in my head for this game and I really liked them so I decided that I want to make changes to "Hide-n-Seek Winter". Im going with a different direction with the storyline, actually I have come up with an entirely new storyline for this project and I think it fits better with this game project and my game design style than the original storyline I had come up with. For my new storyline I needed to incorporate a third character. (Originally I only had two in the game)

My new original character that will be appearing in "Hide-n-Seek Winter", the "Hiding Demon"

Character info:
The hiding demon is a very toony, stylized demon type character with a lot of personality. He is known as the king of the game hide and seek because he cleverly hides in various areas when playing. He doesn't like fish because he had a bad childhood experience while on a fishing trip with his father. He can perform various tricks such as grow or shrink his body parts such as his head or hands.The hiding demon lives in the "Infinite snow world" (where the game takes place) and is the main villain of "Hide-n-Seek Winter".

As I was about to finish up developing the game there was something bothering me. I think it turned out great and everything and felt it was a major step up for me compared to my previous games but also I felt like the game was missing something. Something to make it feel more alive, something to give it personality. So I came up with the idea for this character "The hiding demon". I wanted to make a character that is a villain of the story but at the same time a villain that players will like and find enjoyable.To make this character feel really alive I wanted to make his face always have a very exaggerated silly expression on it. I also focused a lot on this characters body expressions and created a ton animations for him that express his personality which you will see in the final game.

I recently finished setting him up in the unity engine with playmaker. Here is how his FSM looks which acts like an animation graph for this character model.

I took a screenshot of this because of how crazy it looked when I finished it. Although it looks like a lot, messy and complex, this was actually very easy to set up with playmaker and is very organized. It is much simpler than it looks. All I am doing here is controlling his different animation states.

Storyline stuff:

I also felt like the original storyline I had come up with for this game project didn't really fit too well after I was about to finish up the game. Originally, Choco and Frosty (the characters of the game) where going to hit by a car. Choco then would wake up in this mysterious place and begin searching for his sister. That is what the storyline was going to be. Kind of dark with a little bit of mystery. Then I decided, since I am making a toon game, I want to make the storyline a little more light hearted and kind of more funny than serious. I wanted it to be kind of like how an episode of a cartoon show is like.

The new storyline of the game:
After playing a game of hide and seek, little sister Frosty compliments her big brother Choco by telling him that he is the greatest hide and seek player ever. After saying this, the "Hiding Demon" suddenly appears and refuses to believe that choco is the greatest hide and seek player ever. The hiding demon then kidnaps Choco's little sister and disappears. The hiding demon tells Choco to meet him at the frozen pond in the "Infinite Snow World", a strange alternate dimension world where it snows forever. In order for Choco to rescue his little sister, he must defeat the hiding demon in a game of hide and seek.

Its a silly game but I really like where I am going with it and the storyline and am having a lot of fun developing it. Although it needs a bit more time I am glad I decided to make changes to this game.

This is a short delay, I still plan on finishing and releasing this game before the end of Feburary (this month). I am looking forward to finishing it. Expect it to be out soon!

Thats all for now.
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