Something I usually find myself doing daily almost every day is doodle and sketch. Doodling is probably one of my all time favorite hobbies and things to do. Ever since I was a kid and throughout my school career I would always find myself sketching. Sometimes I would sketch for hours and not even notice time fly by. Until this very day, if there is a pencil and paper in front of me or close by, I will probably eventually doodle something on it.While I love all these high end, advanced tools to create my artwork and ideas such as the Unity engine and Blender3d, I still believe that pencil and paper are the greatest tools of all time. Paper and pencil, this is true freedom. You can do anything with these two simple everyday tools. With nothing more but a simple blank (or slightly used) sheet of paper and a sharpened (or dull) pencil, so many thoughts, so many ideas can be expressed. The simplest way to translate an idea straight from your head is on paper.

Before I learned game dev/app dev, before I learned 3D computer graphics, before I even knew about anything about creating artwork in the computer, my main outlet and my favorite outlet to express ideas is with pencil and paper.If anything, sketching and doodling is probably the base foundation of what led me to eventually go into computer graphics, game dev, interactive media, etc.

Doodling is something I have always just enjoyed doing throughout my entire life. I probably have hundreds of doodles and sketches lying around my house from different years of my life. In this section of the blog I will share some of my more recent doodles. Some of my newest doodles even act as the blueprint or base idea for some of my game and app ideas.