Hi! My name is Samer Khatib. I am an indie game developer/designer/modeler/animator/3d CG artist/story teller/director (well at least I consider myself to be all those things). As a solo developer I have to wear all of the different hats of game development and  become the jack of all trades so that I can make my projects/visions/artwork come to reality.  It is a lot of hard work but its also a lot of fun and something I truly love doing.
I like to create games as much as I like to play them. Most of the time actually, I prefer to create games more than to play them. I think its really cool to see how a game is built behind the scenes. I have a really big obsession with game development and it is my goal to learn every aspect of it. It is my goal to one day become a great video game developer and designer.

Making video games is something I have always wanted to do since I was young. I have been playing them since I was a very young kid and have always been fascinated with them. What really started my obsession with video games was when the N64 first came out. When we got one at our house I never left my room. Every single game felt like a fresh experience. I loved going to different worlds and just exploring. I love looking at a games level or environment design, the characters and their personalities/ behaviors, the way they move, what they wear, the props used in the scene, just everything about a game. I use to look at everything the game had in it and say to myself something like, "One day I want to create levels as cool as this, I want to create awesome characters and make up my own stories. I want to make something people will love playing and connecting to." I look up to people in the game industry and see them as rock-stars. Game designers such as Shigeru Miyamoto and Hideo Kojima are major role models to me and I am often inspired by their creations. And those are just two great people I am influenced by. Their is a lot of other great game designers I look up to.

I started this blog, self teaching myself and learning from other resources all about game development/design, 3d modeling and animation back in 2011 and since then I have created and released many titles on my own. With each release I have been greatly improving. I will always make video games because like I said, I have a major obsession with it. I won't stop until I have learned every aspect of game development/ design. I have not even been playing as much video games as I would like to because I spend all my free time either putting my own game together or reading up and looking through tutorials/educational resources to learn even more about game development or 3d content related digital interactive media. 

The tools I use for all my work is the amazing Unity game engine and the super cool open source 3d power house program Blender. I am a huge fan and absolutely in love with the Unity engine and Blender3d. As mentioned above, I am a solo developer. So I insist on creating the entire game myself and being responsible from the art, character models and props to the gameplay and mechanics. Blender and the Unity engine are definitely my favorite tools ever and without these I wouldn't be able to do what I love doing. So I just want to give a huge thank you to the developers behind these fantastic tools because they let people like me have the ability to create whatever we want.

As a developer I think it is necessary to have a cool developer name, so I call myself  "SnowConeSolid". I don't know why and it doesn't mean anything but I think it sounds cool. Actually, it is a nickname I gave myself a long time ago randomly and I have been using it since then. Also I am a big fan of drinking tea and coffee.

About this blog:
This blog is something that is very important to me. This is not just a blog where I talk about my game projects, even though that is how it might appear to many. To me, this entire blog is also my personal portfolio and a timeline of my best works and achievements. This blog will be something I am part of as long as I continue to just create stuff.

Anyway I hope you enjoy my games/ apps/ artwork/ whatever it is I post and the blog!
Hopefully I can one day release something amazing to the gaming world.