Game Trailers

     This is the section of the blog where you will find all of the game trailers for my finished and upcoming game projects. I will include trailers such as release trailers or teaser trailers/ previews that I made for my games. I have a youtube channel and all but it just isn't organized and I have a lot of other videos up that are kind of not even related or just some other videos that are pointless to watch. I thought this section would be a good idea to include since I will have all of my trailers organized by date and in a single section instead of having them scattered and mixed in with the other videos I put up on my youtube channel.

If you are interested in seeing my other videos that are not included in this section then check out my youtube channel over here: Snowconesolid Youtube

You can check out the games that have already been released in the "Games" section here


Trailer Name: Hide-n-Seek Winter Release Trailer
Date uploaded: 3/6/2014
Description: The release trailer for my toon game project titled "Hide-n-Seek Winter". The game released on the same day.

Trailer Name: Hide-n-Seek Winter Teaser Trailer
Date uploaded: 1/27/2014
Description: First trailer for my toon game project titled "Hide-n-Seek Winter". 

Trailer Name: Forest Soup Release Trailer
Date uploaded: 10/31/13
Description: The final trailer for "Forest Soup", a unique horror game about looking for ingredients to cook a legendary meal.

Trailer Name: Forest Soup Teaser Trailer
Date uploaded: 10/12/13
Description: Very first preview of my short horror game "Forest Soup"

Trailer Name: Almond-Hill Silent Meow Teaser Trailer
Date uploaded: 8/5/13
Description: Teaser Trailer for Almond-Hill Silent Meow

Trailer Name: Revolver Finger
Date uploaded: 2/2/13
Description: A game about uncovering the truth! My very first Android game and first release of 2013. This game is exclusive to Android and is available on the Google play store for free.

Trailer Name: Almond-Hill
Date uploaded: 10/20/12
Description: Trailer for my very first horror game ever. I am still surprised how popular this game was. It was my most popular one yet out of my previous projects and got a good amount of attention. I did not expect it to be, especially because I rushed the whole project. I was developing it during October and wanted to finish and get it out before Halloween (which I did). Also, this game was not a full out horror game but more of an experiment project where I just played around with elements to learn what makes up a horror game. It was not a very serious attempt at making one either. Yet, it received the most amount of attention compared to my other projects. And personally, I found this short project to be the most enjoyable one to make. 

Trailer Name: MoonLight Mountains: First Discovery
Date uploaded: 8/17/12
Description: A game about finding spaceship parts and building a rocket to travel to the moon in order to rescue the Moonlight princess. My goal was to create a rescue the princess story differently. The game included more complex features and unique boss battles compared to what kokohGear meal had. It was a third person adventure game.

 Trailer Name: KokohGear Meal!
Date uploaded: 6/24/12
Description: KokohGear Meal is my very first full complete game project. It is very inspired by super mario. It was platforming but had no jumping feature. Play through 10 different levels, explore. solve puzzles and ride vehicles as you search for food.

Trailer Name: Kokoh Trails : Leonardo's Memory ep.1
Date uploaded: 3/17/12
Description: This is the trailer for my very first game project ever. I planned on releasing this project in small parts as separate episodes. This Trailer is for episode one of the game. However, after releasing episode one, I abandoned this game project and never came back to it.