Monday, July 28, 2014

Something random, coming soon...

     Put together this really small teaser web demo for a really random game idea I am currently working on staring my "Bag Face" character.

Try it HERE

I am looking forward to showing more about this project in upcoming posts. As I just mentioned, its just a game I am randomly putting together.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bag Face

     So, I'm working on a new game idea I had. Its kind of random but I am working on making it a real thing. I will talk more about it later on. For now check out "Bag Face", my latest original character. Bag Face is a character who works in a grocery store and wears a paper bag over his head all year round.

Bag Face:

Just recently finished creating this guy in Blender3D. Low poly (6656 tris) game ready model. Fully rigged and currently created 3 animations for him (idle, walk, run). Already have him setup in the unity game engine.

I love creating a bunch of different characters from scratch. This guy in particular was a really fun character for me to create.

Before I modeled him in Blender and created a full 3d working game character model I decided to do a quick concept sketch on paper. (Originally I called him "Bagboy")

Don't mind the weird dancing apple robot on the far left. Also I had to cut out some other things on the picture because there was several other characters I drew on there but are for different game ideas I want to work on.

Going to model that little duck-like character standing next to bag face next. That duck will also be a character in my next game project.

More updates real soon!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Release: Beach Ball Shooter Version 1.0

Play it in your web browser here:
Beach Ball Shooter V1.0 

What is this game?
"Beach Ball Shooter" is a really short and simple game about shooting beach balls and collecting rubber ducks!

Current Version: 1.0
 -features 13 short mini levels!

Just like all my other games this one is also 100% free to play of course! 

Game Screenshots:

Developer Note:
      After over a month of not being active on my blog I am back and with a new game release. Releasing this game is kind of a surprise to myself personally as I had other plans for it. This game might look a bit familiar to some of you who have been reading my blog.

Back in May I announced a new game project I was working on. Originally it was called "Escape Ocean Zero". I was constantly posting screenshots on my twitter and talking about it. I originally had different plans for the game and wanted it to be more of a mystery/adventure type game. As time went on I had become busy with other things and eventually ceased developing the game. I had left my blog without any updates for over a month and even left the game development scene for a while.

After a good break from developing games I am ready to once again jump back in and start creating my new ideas. I want to start focusing on my new ideas now but at the same time I didn't want all the work I put into "Escape Ocean Zero" to go to waste. So I decided to take a different direction with the project and soon it became this game, the one you see right now, "Beach Ball Shooter". Instead of creating this big game with a complex story I wanted to keep it short, simple, avoid creating a storyline and keep the gameplay constant throughout.

So for "Beach Ball Shooter", I created a number of really small and somewhat easy levels all that focus on the same simple goal, collect the rubber duck to complete the level. That's it. That is the whole game. As simple as this game is, I actually really enjoyed creating it. Creating such a simple game felt right. It has even changed me a little bit as a game developer and made me realize that games don't always need to be this crazy complex creation with big levels and storylines and cutscenes. They can be fun in their simplest form. I am starting to understand that less really can be more in some cases. So who knows, I might just take a similar approach with my future game projects from now on as well.

About Version 1.0:
     Beach Ball Shooter Version 1.0 features 13 easy mini levels. I am releasing this as version 1.0 because I might just release updated versions of the game later on in the future with more levels. I created a ton of game props and assets for this project that I can easily reuse and I can easily create a lot more simple levels out of all the props/game assets I have already set up in the unity engine.

UPDATE: 8/20/2014
Beach Ball Shooter is now available on the Google Play Store for Android devices!

Get it here: Google Play - Beach Ball Shooter

Check out the full news article here:
Beach Ball Shooter On Android