Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bag Face

     So, I'm working on a new game idea I had. Its kind of random but I am working on making it a real thing. I will talk more about it later on. For now check out "Bag Face", my latest original character. Bag Face is a character who works in a grocery store and wears a paper bag over his head all year round.

Bag Face:

Just recently finished creating this guy in Blender3D. Low poly (6656 tris) game ready model. Fully rigged and currently created 3 animations for him (idle, walk, run). Already have him setup in the unity game engine.

I love creating a bunch of different characters from scratch. This guy in particular was a really fun character for me to create.

Before I modeled him in Blender and created a full 3d working game character model I decided to do a quick concept sketch on paper. (Originally I called him "Bagboy")

Don't mind the weird dancing apple robot on the far left. Also I had to cut out some other things on the picture because there was several other characters I drew on there but are for different game ideas I want to work on.

Going to model that little duck-like character standing next to bag face next. That duck will also be a character in my next game project.

More updates real soon!