Making Of...

I have always loved going through other peoples "making of" documentaries, videos and articles. So I decided to start posting my own "making of" stuff. Seeing the end product is great, but seeing how it all came together from start to finish is what is truly inspirational to me.

On this part of the blog I will post "Making Of" stuff to give you a little behind the scenes look into how I create some of my stuff like characters, artwork, games, etc. These "making of" articles will show you some of my techniques and workflows used to achieve the end result I am going for. I hope you enjoy and I will try to update this section with new making of stuff as often as I can.

Posted On: 6/14/2017
Virtual Samer Khatib - V2!
Posted On: 5/6/2017

"The Samer Khatib Show" - (FULL PROJECT!)
Posted On: 4/14/2017

"Making of Ponytail"
Posted On: 9/10/2016

Lana The Lemon Break Down
Posted On: 3/1/2016

"Making Of DaHoop"
Posted On: 4/23/2014

"Making Of The Flower Boy"
Posted On: 4/6/2014