Sunday, August 19, 2012

Moonlight Mountains Released!

hi everyone. Its the 19th of August so that means its time to release Moonlight Mountains :)
Sorry it's a little late in the day, I was planning on releasing it earlier.

anyway I put up a Webplayer version and a PC version. The entire game free.

I recommend downloading the PC version for better quality and your ability to change the screen size.
I hope you enjoy Moonlight Mountains First Discovery :)

PC version (Windows) : Download

Webplayer Version : Kongregate Link

Update: (Choosing levels and Mouse Cursor) Just to avoid a possible common problem, when selecting a level make sure that you can see the mouse cursor. The mouse cursor locks and hides itself as soon as you click anywhere on the screen, when you are selecting a level or going to save your game, make sure to show the mouse cursor again so you can click on things. To enable the mouse cursor press the M key or the escape key. Remember, the mouse cursor is only important when at the menu selector (the place to choose which mountain to go to or save/ load game) when in an actual mountain it is ok to let the mouse cursor lock and hide itself.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Trailer and Release date for Moonlight

Hey everyone. Recently I finished creating "Moonlight Mountains : First Discovery" and preparing to release it.

here is trailer:

watch HERE for better quality

I will release this project for free as a PC version and webplayer version on 8/19/12


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

current Moonlight Mountains changes and a Reboot to the game

I have done a lot of work on my project Moonlight mountains since the last post and I have a lot to talk about. But I have been updating my dev thread about it on the unity forums HERE often.

anyway first things first, I have a new vision for moonlight mountains and decided to make a huge jump. I already pretty much said everything in my recent update on my unity thread so I will just copy and paste that here since i am lazy:

//from my recent post on my unity dev thread:

              When I made the original commander moonlight and those other models I did not really have a clear idea of what I wanted moonlight mountains to be. than as I started making the levels, more and more things started to come together and a bunch of different ideas were emerging.

Now pretty much I have completed the entire game. I have been doing a lot of thinking after I remodeled the original Commander Moonlight and thought to myself that the entire game could be much better. The levels, enemies, etc they have not turned out to be exactly what I wanted them to be.

I decided that I want to make moonlight mountains all over again from the beginning. I will start a new fresh Moonlight mountains project that will be everything I wanted this original moonlight mountains to be. I think the current moonlight mountains is a great game I made and I learned so much more about unity from making it but I could of made it much better.

but what about the original project? I am not just going to abandon this one. actually I have maybe about one more scene and a half to make and then this moonlight mountains will be 100% complete. And already I have made a good amount of improvements to this version. Originally I was planning on releasing this project on Desura as a really cheap game, but now I have decided to release it for free. Im going to finish this one and have it out in perhaps the next week or so.

I have a new vision for Moonlight Mountains, so when I make the next moonlight mountains its not going to be a remake of this moonlight mountains, the gameplay will be different, it will have a different story and the entire game will be fresh. Think of this current moonlight mountains project I will release soon as the first entry in the series
this way I can get feedback on my original idea and see what I should improve/ inherit for my true moonlight mountains project

I look forward to releasing this version soon. I know the graphics are not to good but I think you will enjoy the game.

I will have more soon!

oh yeah and I have added to the name of this version of moonlight mountains. Now I call it
"Moonlight Mountains : First Discovery"

//// Back to the blog

Anyway thats what I have planned for the current moonlight mountains project and the future moonlight mountains project. Also as I mentioned in my unity post and my recent unity thread updates I have re-made the main character and I love the new design. I was going to replace the current commander moonlight with this one but than I thought if I am making a completely new moonlight mountains game I will save my new commander moonlight for that project. Here is some pics of the new Commander Moonlight, there is a huge difference and a lot of improvements:


here is a shadeless version for you if the others where too shiny looking :)

Now back to this current moonlight mountains project heres a couple of things that I have done since the last time I posted on my blog

+ There is now a Ammo system, the game is more challenging and is more like a survival type game now

+ Made some graphical changes to the game, some objects and enviorments look better, also the moonlight mountain bear is different now

+ Added a new type of enemy that allows you to attack multiple parts of the body, its a more advanced enemy. Heres a pic, I call it the Moon-Knight

+ and I recently have created a save/load type system to the game, im really happy about this because now the game just feels more professional :) heres a video of the save load feature in action:

Also I have uploaded a bunch of other videos for this game project recently so if you want to check them out go to my youtube channel HERE

Thats all I have for now. I will finish creating "Moonlight Mountains : First Discovery" and release it for free really soon! :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Working on a Save/Load Feature


   Just a small update on Moonlight Mountains current progress. All the levels from the first half of the game are now fully complete. They are five unique mountains that Commander Moonlight can climb and explore to gain cat-cash and collect the required ship pods. I will post a video soon probably to demonstrate the menu level selector.

Anyway this game project has a lot of stuff in it that changes as the user gets further and further like the amount of cat-cash and ship pods the player has collected, the levels the player has unlocked, the boss battles the player has completed, etc. So I figured it is very necessary to include a save system in this game. The problem I ran into was, I had never learned how to save player progress in unity. That is because I always thought saving game progress is a complicated process. Then until yesterday, after going through the unity documentation I realized that creating a save system is actually not that hard. Really it depends on what/how things need to be saved depending on the type of game it is since each game is pretty different.

So just as a test I put together a prototype of a real simple game that allows players to save, load, and delete their score. You can see it here:

Save/Load/Delete Prototype

     Move with W,A,S,D or arrow keys
     pass through ball objects to increase score
     click on GUI buttons to carry out their functions (savebutton, load button, etc)

This is probably saving at its simplest form. The only thing that saves in the entire level is the users score. But other things such as which objects you collected reset themselves when the level is re-loaded.

 Anyway now that I have a general idea of how to make a save system I can start working on one for Moonlight Mountains so you guys can keep all of your cat-cash!

I will have more soon! :)