Monday, January 11, 2016

That is Potato Man... Potato Thriller January Update

     So many new features and changes in my upcoming game "Potato Thriller" yet so few updates here on the blog! As always, I will start today's blog post off the same way I usually tend to start off my blog posts and that is often by me apologizing for the lack of updates. Yes. Sorry about the lack of updates here on the blog. I am definitely not updating as often as I want to.

I have been working on my new game "Potato Thriller" almost on a daily basis in my free time whenever I get a chance to do so. It is getting kind of ridiculous. This originally started out as a small game back in October. The game has since of course became a lot bigger now with more levels, more features, and an actual storyline. I even recently added a simple auto save feature to the game because it would just be annoying to have the player restart all the way from the start each time they booted up the game. A save feature. It sounds like a feature that is just suppose to be in the game regardless. Like that is just a feature that you should always have in any game. The reason I am making it sound like a big deal is because like I said earlier, this game originally started out as a really simple, short, one level game that could be completed in maybe ten minuets or so. A save feature was never needed. Now since the game has grown to be much bigger it definitely is a necessary feature.

Anyway, I don't want to ramble too much in this blog post. This blog post is just a small update to let everyone know that I am still working on Potato Thriller. I wanted to do a vlog earlier but never got around to that. I seriously need to start doing more youtube updates. I want to. I will try to get a video update out later on.

Quick Rundown of things:
     Potato Thriller has expanded so much since my last blog post. It will probably be my biggest game yet (in terms of size, amount of levels, etc) I have decided that I will post this up later on to Steam and try to get it greenlit. I will do this probably sometime before the end of this month. Hopefully sometime next week? That is the deadline I will try to shoot for. Still no exact estimated finish date for Potato Thriller as there is still so many other things I am currently adding to it and still want to add to it. There is a lot to this game. I don't want it to be just another unity first person game where you walk around with a flashlight and wait for a jumpscare to happen. Although the game seems like it is very weird (and it is turning out to be a very strange game) I am trying to do more with it.

That is Potato Man
     The character in the screenshot posted above in this blog post is Potato man by the way. I never showed potato man before. Potato man is one of the main villains in Potato Thriller that you will encounter throughout  Potato Thriller.

There is nothing to see?
     I have been posting about this game for a while now here on the blog. I have pages for it set up over at indiedb and gamejolt. I am now even saying that I want to put it up on steam later on. However, very little is known about this game. I have shared very little information. I only have a few screenshots up and about a 1 minuet trailer which also barley shows anything. I am trying to show as little as possible for this game. The current screenshots and trailer are really almost nothing from the actual game.

Thanks for reading. More updates coming soon.