Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hide-n-Seek Winter on Kongregate, Wooglie and Gamejolt

     Hello once again everyone. I have been posting a lot of news since I first released my latest game 
"Hide-n-Seek Winter" a couple days ago (on March 6th). In my previous post I released a webplayer version of the game so that you could play it directly in your web browser. I decided to take my webplayer version further and make it available to play for free on other sites as well.

Hide-n-Seek Winter is now available to play on:


Three major third party sites for online web games. You could play it now by going to one of the above links. Or next time you visit one of those sites be sure to check out "Hide-n-Seek Winter", rate and comment what you thought about it.

For further info about the game check out its release page over here: Release page