Saturday, October 6, 2012

New (small) game project - Almond Hill

     Hi everyone (if there is anyone here) its been a long time since I posted anything here. I haven't worked on anything in a while so a couple weeks back I started working on a really small game project. I named it "Almond Hill" (you will find out why in a future blog post very soon). Its going to be a short puzzle game that lets you explore a tiny village/town I have created that has different things. Also you will be able to go inside all of the buildings/houses on the map because I designed the insides of them as well. Here are some screenshots I posted a couple days ago when I was still putting the town together.

Screen shot of the interior of one of the houses

And here is a screen of the character you will play as. I named him Felix (randomly decided to name him that)
At first I was trying to make a more serious character but resulted in a more toony/anime like character.

Anyway like I said earlier this is just a small project I am putting together quickly. The main reason I made this was just to practice creating better 3d game environments and level design.

I will probably release it very soon.