Saturday, November 24, 2012

Released Quick_Wings Unity Multiplayer game!

Hey everyone. In the last post I said I was working on a simple 2 player game. Today I finally finished it and its ready to play! My original goal was to build it withing a time period of 3 days however I didn't have the time to work on it for hours straight. So I ended up finishing it today (which is day 4 of my time period) Still not bad timing :)

Anyway, this is my first multiplayer game ever created and I think it turned out pretty good. In my last post I mentioned what features I was going to implement into the game as well as the type of gameplay. However, these have changed in the final build.

 -Split screen 2 player action
 -Three different levels to play from.
 -Each match is 1 min. long
 -Tag like gameplay
 -Awsome music provided by NoSoapRadio

How to play and rules of the game.
   The gameplay is similar to tag. One player will play as a character that must go after the other player and the other player must avoid the player going after them.

There are two different characters. An alien character (Offense) and a turkey player (Defense).

The Alien Character:
 -The person who plays as an Alien must hunt down the turkey player by shooting them with "Ghost Balls".
This player can only win by destroying the turkey. The Alien player has a maximum of 10 shots. In order to win the Alien character must shoot the turkey at least 5 times. However, if the Alien player runs out of ammo or time the turkey player will be the winner.

The Turkey player:
 -The person who plays as the turkey must simply just avoid getting hit by the alien player. In order to win, the turkey player must survive until time runs out or until the alien player runs out of ammo.

     -Turkey player: Move with W, A, S, D
     - Alien player Move with arrow keys and shoot with space bar
     -To return to the menu hit the M key

Play the game HERE

Anyway, thats about it. Hope you enjoy this simple 2 player game.

Play with a friend!