Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Preview: 3D Jack-O-Lantern app (100th post!)

     Hey everyone. Today I want to showcase a little bit of what I have been working on this past week. This is going to be my first Non-game app (yesterday I wrote a blog post discussing that I would be focusing on creating some non-game apps)

Anyway I have been posting some screenshots on my twitter about this lately over the past couple days. For the Halloween spirit,  I decided to create a 3D Jack-O-Lantern app. I started it over the weekend and have been developing it bit by bit. I plan on finishing it up and releasing it before the end of this week so very soon.

It will be a very simple 3d interactive novelty/toy type app that gives users their own jack-o-lantern in a nice 3d scene.

                      (In Blender3d, model with two different textures, light and normal)

                     (In Unity3D engine with bumped Spec Shader)

The app will include various small features that users can tweak and interact with. I am still working on implementing them at the moment but overall I am almost finished with it.

For now you can check out the beta web player build here: 3D Jack-O-Lantern Beta Build Demo

There is a lot of other features I have already implemented but did not include in the beta webplayer build. So expect more in the final version. 

My goal with this app is to focus on creating a very well polished high quality interactive 3d scene. So focusing on high quality graphics and high quality 3d models is very important this time around. I want to deliver something that is visually appealing and is nice to look at.

That is all for now. As I mentioned earlier, I plan on finishing this app and making it available on the Google Play Store for android users by the end of this week. I look forward to it and am having fun creating this 3d jackolantern!

Thanks for reading. More soon.

Off topic: Wow this is my 100th blog post here on blogger! Its been crazy. I have a lot more posts and am here to stay for a long time. I want to take a second to thank the people behind blogger for creating this service. I love blogger and I plan on using it for a long time. So thanks people at google and people who create blogger!