Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Snowconesolid Crazy Cats!

     As a quick low poly character modeling practice I decided to come up with my own personal exercise. My goal was to create a simple character that can be reused to create a variety of the same character. My end results are the Snowconesolid Crazy Cats. A variety of colorful cat like characters I came up with.

So as I mentioned in my goal above, I modeled one low poly cat character, created a simple texture and rigged it with multiple poses. I then only modified the texture and created a variety of different colors which allowed me to reuse my character and give him a different appearance. Its really simple and probably something commonly done in the game dev/ 3d graphics industry.

I created a playable webplayer demo for everyone to tryout in their browser with unity.  This will let you walk around and closely observe my crazy cat character models. Try it out over here

This was a really fun and easy modeling practice and I encourage all of you to try it out for yourselves as well. Create a simple character and then reuse it to make a variety of the same character. You can do this by changing the texture color, maybe create different body shapes (fat, skinny, tall, short, etc) of the original character by only adjusting the polygons in your original model (don't add or remove any polygons), etc. Give this exercise a try.

Group Photo!

I am actually really happy with the final results of my cat character. Its rigged and low poly (about 2900 tris only) and game ready. You might see some of these cats appear in future game projects of mine!

To end this post here is the various kinds of crazy cats:

Blueberry Cat

yellow Cat

Orange Cat

Red Cat

Green Cat

Purrrrrrple Cat

Blue Blue Cat

Grey Cat

Sunset Cat

9 Different Cats. 9 Lives each.