Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"DaHoop" Character. New Webplayer + Making Of!

"DaHoop" is my newest original character. I made this character just for fun and to practice my low poly modeling techniques and skills. Short description I gave the character: DaHoop is a legendary basketball player that never lost a single 1 on 1 game before. He is called DaHoop because he literally is in control of the basketball hoop when on the playing field.

 While making this character I kept track of my progress and just posted a new "Making Of" article to show how I made this character model from start to finish. Check out the full making of in the "Making Of..." section of the blog or over here:

Making Of DaHoop (Link) 

I have also created a web demo for this model so that you can view it in your web browser in the unity game engine for yourself. Its up in the "Webplayers" section of the blog or you can check it out over here:

Web Demo of DaHoop (Link)

This is a low poly game ready model. Only 3448 tris and rigged, its perfect for any game even a mobile game. I had a lot of fun making this character. You might see him appear in some of my game projects in the future sometime.