Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Flower boy character

     After releasing my recent toon game "Hide-n-Seek Winter" I began planning out some stuff for my next game project. Today I would like to show you the newest character I have been working on. The main character for my next game project is "The Flower Boy".

The Flower Boy is my latest original character. He is part human and part flower... (I guess you already figured that out though)

Flower Boy background: The Flower Boy was once a seed who was planted in some soft soil during an apocalyptic time. After 16 years in the soil, the flower boy has finally grown out of the ground and is seeing the world for the first time. However, he came into a post apocalyptic world. Everything is destroyed and there isn't a single sign of life around.

 This little background will play into the character and games storyline. That is for another time though when I have a lot more to show for my next game project featuring my flower boy character in the future.

Making Of...

Also I have created a new section on the blog called "Making Of...". It is located at the top between the "3D Artwork" tab and the "Webplayers" tab. In this new section of the blog I will post "making of" articles about how I created my characters, artwork, games, etc from start to finish. I have already posted my first "Making of " recently of this Flower Boy character that you see here in the above image. To check it out go to the "making of" section of the blog or check it out over here:

In this "making of" I show how I created the Flower Boy character. I will try to keep the "Making of" section updated as often as I can and post more making of stuff down the road.

WebPlayer Demo:

Looking at pictures of the finished model is nice but its even cooler to see the model in 3d actually in the unity game engine. I have created a web player demo that you can try out directly in your web browser to check out my new Flower Boy character and see what he will look like in the game engine.

You can try it out over here:

Press the space key to change the characters pose.

You can also find this webplayer along with other webplayers I made over time in the "Webplayers" section above.

More soon!