Sunday, March 20, 2016

Estimated release date? This Month.

Hello everyone. Wanted to post a quick update for the game. I am currently finalizing "Potato Thriller"  Putting the last bits together and everything and then doing a quick polish job. Currently, I am aiming on finishing and having the entire game released before the end of this month.

As of this post, my game hasn't even been posted to Steam Greenlight for a full month. You might be thinking "He just recently posted this and now he is saying that it is almost complete?".

Actually, I have been working on this game since October 2015. So it has been a couple months. Although it is a pretty silly, random game horror game that many people might not take seriously - I did actually put in a lot of work into creating this. This isn't a game that I just did overnight. Anyway, I wanted to wait until I had just the right amount completed before I posted it to Steam.

I posted this game to Steam Greenlight on March 6th (my birthday). Obviously it still did not get greenlit. Of course I wasn't expecting it to get greenlit in one month. This is my first time posting something to steam and I did read prior that it could take a while for games to get greenlit on steam and in some cases even years. I read about this one developer who said that after about 4 or so years, he finally was informed that his game was greenlit and ready to get published on Steam. And I get it. I understand that the process can take a while. New games are posted to Steam daily. Deciding what gets Greenlit and what does not is probably a very time consuming process.

Anyway, since I am nearly complete with this project, my goal is to have the entire game finished and released before the end of this month. No estimated release date yet but, definitely sometime before the end of March. Greenlit on Steam or not. I will have this game finished and released real soon. While we wait for the Greenlight on Steam, I will have the game available (once completed) on sites like and maybe a couple others. I'll get more into this later on when I am preparing for release.

Anyway, this is all for now. Thanks for reading. Thank you for those of you who have voted for the game so far on Steam and more updates coming soon. Real soon. Peace.

If interested (and this will probably be the last time I post this link) go vote for the game on steam over here: