Saturday, February 27, 2016

Potato Thriller - February Update

     Okay. Quick brief update time. I have been busy lately and haven't really been able to put a lot of time into my upcoming horror game "Potato Thriller". The game that I have been randomly working on since October. Like I said in previous blog posts - I work on this game on and off.  I'm not sure why. It is just a really silly random game. I could probably waste my time working on something decent.

I haven't been really active here on the blog (not a surprise) or on my twitter so I wanted to get out at least one blog update this month. Potato Thriller is in its final stages. I think its about time I just finish this project already and move on. I'm starting to not like working on this anymore. Like I said earlier, it is a really weird random game. I did try to tie in some kind of storyline to make sense of everything in the game. It's kind of complicated but should all make sense by the end.

Anyway, the plan is to at least have Potato Thriller posted up on Steam by the next time I post an update here on the blog.

More updates soon.