Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Update - Its been a while.

Allo there again. It has been a while since my last blog post. I don't really have as much time anymore to work on my game because school opened back up again. I started this project over winter break, so I have been able to work on it as long as I wanted to, but now I don't really have as much free time. However! I shall make sure this game is finished! I will not let this project die out.

I have updated the game a little bit since my last blog post, but only added some small things.
So here is just some new small updates on my game along with some new screenshots. I hope you enjoy!

I have added an awsome GUI or HUD to my game.

Up in the top left corner of the screen where it says "Leonardo", is going to be the health bar. Also at the bottom right and left of the screen is the HUD for camera control and player movement. Besides basic GUI stuff in the game, I also wanted to put something that would tell the player where they are in the game, so in the top right of the screen is the players Current Location. In each level the Current location tells you which island you are in. So just some simple GUI stuff.

Also in the picture, if you look near the red house, you can see a character wearing purple. This is a new character that I made. This characters name is Keshko, Keshko is one of the residents of the island.

Another small feature added is the use of signs. Yep a very basic element in all games. Just walk up to a sign and read what it says, the sign will tell you whats ahead or whos house that is.

So nothing to exciting at the moment, but I believe that my game is getting better and better. :)

There is one thing I did not mention, today I actually created the very first boss in my game. I just finished modeling, texturing, rigging and animating it a couple minuets ago.
I didn't want to post anything about this boss because I wanted it to be a surprise, but I guess ill go ahead and reveal it now anyway.

so here it is everyone, the very first boss you battle in my game!

The name of this boss is going to be "KokohCreep".
Description, a creepy Kokohnut type creature that resides on Kehkoh Island.
Do not steal its kokohnuts.

Here is a short video of KokohCreep in movement. So far he only has one animation, which is a creepy walk animation. I'm not sure if I will give him more animations later on.

More updates coming soon. Thanks for reading. :)