Thursday, October 31, 2013

Forest Soup Released!!!

It's finally time everybody! Just as I promised a couple hours ago in my previous blog post. "Forest Soup" is now out and available for all to play just in time for Halloween! Download links are below. The game is 100% free and available for Windows pc, MAC and Linux users. Hope you enjoy my latest game and have a Happy Halloween!

Now go download and play my game! :)

Download Instructions:
1.) Click the download link that is for your platform (windows, Mac, linux)
2.) Save the .Rar file and let download.
3.) Once finished downloading extracting the .Rar and play game

UPDATE 11/1/2013:  Old download links removed. Game has recently updated. Please go here to download Forest Soup Version 2.0. The new version includes major bug fixes which makes the game playable again. Thank you.

Forest Soup - Version 2.0 Download page

UPDATE 11/5/2013: "Forest Soup" is now also available on Kongregate.
Forest Soup on Kongregate

I have not tested the Mac or Linux versions of the game so I am unaware of how those will run. If you run into any problems with those versions please let me know. I only say this because once again I never tested those versions but they should run just fine and have no problems. But yeah let me know of any issues encountered just in case.

Game Summery:
"Forest Soup" is a horror game about a boy named Oliver OliveTree and his magical flying pet creature named Fogo. Oliver and Fogo become hungry as the day nears its end. The two characters decide to make forest soup for dinner, a legendary soup that has a taste that is out of this world. The two eventually realize that they do not have the ingredients to make this soup. Fogo tells Oliver that all the ingredients can be found at a place called "Black Cloud Island". Fogo takes Oliver to the entrance of the island where the game begins. Take the role of Oliver OliveTree and skydive down below to this mysterious place called "Black Cloud Island" in search of the ingredients for the so called Forest Soup.

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