Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Forest Soup Releases today! Trailer and Screenshots


Once again sorry for the lack of posts here on my blog. If you are on the unity forums and have been watching my work in progress thread over here Link you may have seen my smaller updates for the game. A couple hours ago I posted this screenshot of me building the final game.

Yep. Finally I finished creating my short horror game called "Forest Soup" after working on it all throughout October. I never really said or showed much about the game at all during the time I was developing it but I must say it turned out to be my best game project ever! (I say that about all of my newest games)

Really though. I think you will really enjoy this one. It is really weird and crazy. The goal of this game is to find all of the ingredients needed to make the legendary forest soup. The ingredients can only be found in a place called "Black Cloud Island". Which is a very strange and dangerous place with weird happenings. Armed with only your shotgun, you must dive down and hunt for these ingredients.

I will be releasing the game in a couple hours. Maybe around noon today. In the meantime enjoy these screenshots and the newest trailer!


Check back real soon to get the game! It will be up just in time for Halloween!