Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I made a Deadly Premonition fan game

 Allo! For the past week I have been working on a really small Deadly Premonition fan game. I just finished working on it today. Not really sure what it was that triggered me to create a Deadly premonition fan game, I kind of just started working on it randomly and putting things together. But no debut about it, "Deadly Premonition" (also known as "Red Seeds Profile") is one of my favorite games every made with such and amazing story. I made this fan game to celebrate the awsomeness that is Deadly Premonition.

Hopefully I will have the game up tomorrow, its finished, I just need to edit a couple of small things in the scripts really quick.

but until then, I have some screen shots:
(Take note, this is not the greatest looking game, I worked on it really fast and a lot of things especially the 3d models look really cheap and crappy) :)

As for my other project "KokohGear Meal", I worked on it a little bit and posted some updates in my dev thread on the unity forums here:

Dev Thread

I still haven't started creating the actual levels for that game, development has been going really slow, I think its going to be even slower for a while especially since I spent about a week creating my Deadly Premonition fan game.