Sunday, May 27, 2012

Current progress: Menus and Vehicle preveiw!

Hey there again. Lately I have been posting a lot of updates in my unity dev thread found here :

but I think I should post this update here this time.

Anyway, pretty much I have finished putting together all the gameplay elements so the most important part is finished I would say. Now is finally a good time to move onto building the levels. Also I have created the main menu for the game and the how to play menu.
Soon I will create a playable tutorial level that will further explain the gameplay.

I have also finished modeling my vehicle for the levels that will have driving action fun!

Finished model:

and here it is after I textured it:

And last, I have put a video together to preview the menu and see the vehicle in action!

More stuff to do later:
     -create playable tutorial level
     - improve vehicle functionality for better gameplay
     -create cutscene for begining of game
     -Begin level design
     - still need to create that boss battle level(Not sure if I will include in final game)